Domino’s Pizza Reviews

Domino’s Pizza Reviews

Tabasco Pizza from Domino’s

Tabasco Pizza from Domino’s Review

Tabasco Pizza Review, Tabasco Pizza from Domino'sGround beef, onions, green and red peppers, jalapeño peppers with Tabasco flavoured mozzarella cheese stuffed into our fresh dough crust

Tabasco Pizza Review

The lads were having a bad summer and the rain kept pouring down and making things pretty miserable, so Ted reckoned that to cheer us up we ought to have a hot and spicy pizza. The Hot and Spicy option from Domino’s seemed to fit the bill. To give it even more oomph we decided on the Tabasco and cheese stuffed crust which is a limited edition base. So we stocked up on Gaviscon and ordered our pizza. It arrived reasonably hot and looked nice and colourful with the array of peppers.

The Base was quite an expensive option but we liked the sound of it. The Tabasco flavoured cheese stuffing was pretty ace , not quite as plasticy as some stuffed crusts can be. The cheese inside was really pleasantly hot and we were well pleased with it, the base was itself was up to standard. Usual tomato sauce was fairly generous in covering. Standard mozzarella cheese was spot on. The toppings were the ground beef forming the main ingredient and this was very nice and had a decent helping. Onions always go down well with any beef ingredients but we felt some more was needed.  green and red peppers add the taste that cant be topped, slighty hot and juicy .  jalapeño peppers added that usual kick . So was it hot and spicy? .. Yep especially with the Tabasco cheese crust but a portion of pepperoni might have really put it up there . I don’t think we would have this often but it really cheered us up. Now where’s that Gaviscon.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Catalan Chicken & Chorizo Pizza from Domino’s

Catalan Chicken & Chorizo From Domino’s Review

Catalan Chicken & Chorizo Pizza Review, Catalan Domino'sDouble pulled Catalan style chicken, chorizo, onions, green & red peppers topped with a drizzle of sour cream and paprika sauce

Catalan Chicken & Chorizo Pizza Review

The lads are always on the lookout for new pizza combos and Domino’s are always coming up trumps on that score. Now Chicken and Chorizo is nothing new but of course this is doubled pulled? the last time that the lads had experienced a double pulled anything was when years ago we had been in nightclub (might have been a disco but hey were getting on now a bit) and we met our wives who were friends, ever since then we vowed to steer clear of double pulled anything as that story doesn’t have a happy outcome. Anyway were losing the plot here so back to the pizza in question.
It turned up on time and looked pretty good with a nice browned crust and appetizing looking drizzle of sour cream and paprika sauce. The dough was good and as it was a classic crust so not too thick either. No faults there. Tomato sauce was reasonable and the tomatoes are evident in the taste. Standard mozza cheese was decent and was stringy and springy, just right.

Toppings were the Double pulled Catalan style chicken which seemed a fairly standard offering, perhaps a bit herbier and finer than usual , nothing to complain about here. Chorizo was chunky and always lifts chicken to new levels, it was pretty spicy. Onions and mixed peppers finished off the main toppings and added an intriguing contrast in taste and colour. And as we said earlier it was topped off with sour cream and paprika sauce and we felt this was the crowning glory and the paprika gave the whole offering a boost. So all in all we were happy with this new combo. It wont win any any awards but was a solid 7 out of ten from the lads.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Pepperoni Passion Pizza from Domino’s

Pepperoni Passion Pizza from Domino’s Review

Extra pepperoni and extra mozzarella cheese on a Domino’s tomato sauce base

PPepperoni Passion Pizza Review, Pepperoni Passion Pizza Domino'sepperoni Passion Pizza

The Pizza Lads started to feel the cold chill of winter setting in, gone were the long hot days of summer with light Pizzas. Now it’s all about heat and energy giving food. So in this spirit we thought that only lots of pepperoni will do to remove the chill. Heading off to Domino’s, we of course opted for the Pepperoni Passion.

We choose to stay with the classic crust and when we opened the box it looked mighty fine, the crust was a nice shade of brown and just crispy enough on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The top of the pizza could hardly be seen with the generous covering of Pepperoni, but what cheese peaked through was well toasted and tasted great. The tomato sauce was rich and tasty and the extra cheese piled on really gave satisfaction with it’s indulgence, it was chewy and stringy just as we like it. The Pepperoni itself was a deep porky/beefy variety, seasoned with a strong chilli powder, it was also not to greasy.

So we really got our fix and to be honest our mouths were burning up by the time we had finished. Lovely

A big thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Ham & Pineapple Pizza from Domino’s

Ham & Pineapple Pizza from Domino’s Review

Ham & Pineapple Pizza Review. Ham & Pineapple Pizza Domino's

A beautiful Ham & Pineapple pizza from Domino’s Pizza

Ham & Pineapple Pizza Review

The lads realized that we hadn’t had a Domino’s Pizza for a while, and we do like our Domino’s. The missuses were off out to the Mall to waste some more of our dough. They gave us a stern lecture before they left about not eating any Pizzas today. We tend never to listen, so dug out the latest menu. Having had a look they don’t seem to do any new combo offerings at the moment, so we thought we would fall back on an old favourite of Ham & Pineapple. Now some peeps say Pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza but not us, and believe us when we say we have had a lot odder things in the past.

We chose the classic crust which we find gives us the slightly crunchy crust in a sort sourdough way and it is not too thin or too thick. The usual Tomato sauce was evenly spread and has a good rich taste. The Mozzarella was nicely browned and lovely and stringy. The Ham pieces had a almost smokey taste and had browned at the edges adding to pleasing overall look. The Pineapple was fresh tasting and had plenty of bite. So we were well pleased with this classic offering.

Now all we have to do is hide the evidence from our wives and start spraying air freshener around and eating mints. Oh the joys of marriage.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads…

Sicilia Pizza from Domino’s Pizza

Sicilia Pizza from Domino’s Pizza Review

Sicilia Pizza from Domino's Pizza Review

Chicken Breast Strips, Cajun Seasoning, Red Onions & Pepper Pearls for a hot & sweet kick, served with our exclusive Chilli Oil.

The Sicilia Pizza Review

The lads had a succession of very meaty based Pizzas of late and to be honest we felt like we needed a change. Veggie Pizzas are all good but Chicken really hits the mark.

Scanning our menus we settled upon the Sicilia from Domino’s Pizza. It’s part of the Italiano range which is a thinner, hand-stretched base which we think is a bit tougher and chewy than the standard. However this is the more authentic taste. Usual decent cheese and tomato base. On to the toppings, Chicken breast, it’s got Cajun spices, it’s got pepper pearls and red onions. The Chicken breast was juicy and tender and the Cajun spices added a kick. The pepper pearls were not too hot really and worked very well.

The lads felt that some mushrooms would have set things off a bit more, but we only review the standard menu items as they will be served to you.

Winner winner chicken dinner (or pizza) A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads…

The Meatfielder Pizza from Domino’s

The Meatfielder Pizza from Domino’s Review

The Meatfielder Pizza from Domino'sThe Pizza Lads love a new pizza combo and a new meaty pizza always floats our boat. Now Domino’s have no shortage of meat eater etc type combos.

Mighty Meaty, Meat Lovers, Meateor and Meatilicious. So what makes this one different. In our opinion not too much but we reckon it’s because it’s all porky type meats and no veggie filler.

All good by us, so on to taste test and after a few weeks watching Wimbledon Tennis and world cup football we were looking quite buff. Even our wives started to notice us, which isn’t all a good thing and a return to our slobby normal selves should solve that dilemma.

Now the toppings are Ham, Pepperoni, Chorizo, Smoked Bacon and Pork Meatballs. Nothing extraordinary really but as a whole we were quite taken with it. The  Pepperoni and Chorizo added some real zing to to the proceedings, Ham faded into the background but the texture and look benefited greatly. Meatballs were soft and tasty and the smoky taste of the bacon was a nice counterpoint. On the usual cheese and tomato base.

All good in our opinion and a few more of these and the pounds will soon pile on!

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Cheese & Tomato Pizza from Domino’s

Cheese & Tomato Pizza with even more Cheese from Domino’s Review

Cheese & Tomato Pizza from Domino's, Extra Cheese Pizza ReviewYou can not beat the classic and original Cheese & Tomato Pizza with extra Cheese.

The Cheese & Tomato Pizza Review

The lads were getting ready for a well deserved break, the wives had emptied our bank accounts over Christmas buying an endless array of food , sweets and general treats that nobody will want to eat, dates that turn our stomachs, Turkish delight that will have the kids bouncing off the walls till March, bags of nuts to crack open blinding all our guests in the process. A dessert to feed 24! people. A platter of cheese that stands a foot high. And you know what, it all ends up in the bin as nobody ever wants the stuff.

Anyway enough ranting, it’s pizza time. We managed to scrape enough dosh together to go and treat ourselves and we decided that in view of all the rich food we had eaten over the Christmas holidays we needed something plain, and what could be plainer than Cheese & Tomato Pizza.

What can we say, well there was cheese (a decent helping) and tomato sauce base on a classic crust. No frills and to be honest it was pretty good in a basic sort of way. Sometimes having no distractions of fancy toppings helps you appreciate the fundamentals of the basics of a Pizza. So yeah we wouldn’t have one often but it was ok. Back to Christmas leftovers… oh man!

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Chipotle Pulled Pork Pizza from Domino’s

Chipotle Pulled Pork Pizza from Domino’s Review

Chipotle Pulled Pork Pizza from Domino's

Domino’s vine ripened tomato sauce, chipotle pulled pork, red onions, green and red peppers, sweetcorn and 100% mozzarella

The Chipotle Pulled Pork Pizza Review

The lads were feeling a bit porky after all the lovely pizzas they had been stuffing themselves with, but autumn was proving to new start for us after a few lifestyle changes on the home front.

So with renewed enthusiasm we were setting ourselves up for more trusted reviews for you. We wanted to try some new offerings from the big chains and decided the Chipotle Pulled Pork was a good place to start. Now pulled pork is everywhere these days but chipotle style was an intriguing variation.

We went for the classic crust so as not to confuse our tastebuds with other flavours and give you a proper review. Tomato sauce of course was the choice. Base with cheese and sauce was all excellent and we had no complaints. The chipotle pepper adds heat but not to overwhelming and really livened it up, it was tender and moist. The peppers complimented well but we were not convinced that sweetcorn was needed, however there was not too much of it. All in all, a nice new addition to the range!

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Chicken Feast Pizza from Domino’s

Chicken Feast Pizza from Domino’s Review

Chicken Feast Pizza from Domino's, pizza review of Chicken Feast from Domino'sSucculent chicken, beautiful mushrooms, tender sweetcorn, any questions?

The Chicken Feast Pizza Review

The lads like a good pizza at the weekend and this was no exception! After a bout of rock, paper, scissors, which Bill won he decided on Domino’s.

Off we trot, and scanning the menu we went for the Chicken Feast. We opted for the stuffed crust base, as garlic and herbs would compliment the chicken on offer. It was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of browning to the cheese and the BBQ sauce base was ace (were poets and we know it).

The base was fresh tasting and not too doughy and the toppings were simple as we like them, Chicken, mushrooms, sweetcorn. The Chicken was decent though lacked a bit of flavour in our view, but worked well with the mushrooms and sweetcorn.

Pretty good and we were very satisfied.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Lotta Chocca Pizza from Domino’s

Lotta Chocca Pizza from Domino’s Review

Lotta Chocca Pizza from Domino'sOur fresh 6 inch dough base topped with melted milk chocolate, to give you the perfect chocolate dessert pizza.

The Lotta Chocca Pizza Review

In a departure for our usual cheesy meaty pizzas we decided to test out the new choccy pizza. The lads were up for the challenge but we were in agreement that we were doubtful we would like it.

But taking one for the team is our motto and it couldn’t be any worse than what we get dished up at our homes for our dinners.

Only 2 ingredients to worry about, chocolate and base. Did it gel, in a curious way it did though we thought the edge of the base was a little too thick for our liking but hey, it has to hold the choccy in..

The chocolate itself was awesome, a little too sweet maybe but lush all the same. so an experience we are glad we tried …

Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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