Frankie & Benny’s Pizza’s Reviews

Frankie & Benny’s Pizza’s Reviews

Meatball Feast Calzone from Frankie & Benny’s

Meatball Feast Calzone from Frankie & Benny’s Review

Meatball Feast Calzone Review,  Meatball Feast Calzone Frankie & Benny'sPork & beef meatballs, pepperoni, chicken, red onion, red pepper, mozzarella and BBQ sauce

Meatball Feast Calzone Review

The Pizza Lads were having a Pizza policy business conference debate brainstorming session between themselves. Bill said that it is our duty to bring every aspect of the Pizza world to our followers eyes, and that we don’t seem to have done any Calzone reviews. Ted was disbelieving but it was true!

So without further ado, we hurried off to rectify this situation. Now as our expert followers know, that a Calzone is basically a folded Pizza and according to Wikipedia, an interesting fact is that “In Italy, Calzones are popularly believed to be the most efficient type of Pizza for home delivery. This popular credence has some scientific ground as the folded nature of the Calzone results in a lower surface-to-volume ratio than a traditional Pizza resulting in better heat retention during the journey from the Pizzeria to the buyer’s home. This results in a Calzone being delivered warmer than Pizza all things equal. Ohh Err, still makes sense and Ted remembers one notable Pizza chain delivery Pizza that ended up somehow folding itself into a Calzone and he reckoned it was all the better for it!

Anyway were losing the plot. Off to Frankie and Benny’s we went as the big chains rarely offer Calzone. The offering looked like a huge Cornish pasty and with a nice charred bubbled look. The Dough was nice and chewy with a slightly crisp edge. The Meatballs were fresh tasting and delicious with a hint of seasoning. The Pepperoni had a good bite but wasn’t overwhelming the other ingredients. The Chicken added a diverse twist and was tender. Red Onion, red Pepper, Mozzarella and BBQ sauce completed the line up, although we felt that the red Onion was not required really, but the red Pepper was lovely. The Cheese was pretty cheesy indeed and the BBQ sauce was smoky tasting.

So a really nice dish and the overall combination was a winner..

A big “Calzone” thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

BBQ Chicken Pizza from Frankie & Benny’s

BBQ Chicken Pizza from Frankie & Benny’s Review

BBQ Chicken Pizza Review, BBQ Chicken Pizza from Frankie & Benny'sSlices of tender chicken, mozzarella, chives and BBQ sauce

BBQ Chicken Pizza Review

The lads had had lots of feedback from the website and whilst all favourable, one person commented that the bulk of our reviews are of Domino’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. Now we were really angry about this (not lol), but we get the point although in our defence the big Pizza chains are the ones that most people go to for Pizza. But hey we are nothing if not adaptable (which has been a great help considering our missuses), so we decided to broaden our horizons. We realised that Frankie and Benny’s offer a wide Pizza range and so off we went.

The restaurant was pretty busy so we feared that we may have a long wait. Scanning the menu we decided on the BBQ Chicken Pizza, always a winning combo. We did have a bit of wait but when it arrived at our table it was still good and hot. The look of it was a bit dull and brown in our opinion but obviously the taste is what matters. The Pizza base was nice with a crispy chewy texture and the toppings were virtually edge to edge. The BBQ sauce was pleasant and tangy. The Cheese had been nicely toasted and was stringy and thick with a mouth watering aroma. The slices of Chicken were small but tender and juicy with a pronounced flavour. It was topped off with some Chives which brought out all the other flavours.

So a good solid offering that delivered, would we have changed anything? maybe some bacon! but that’s just us.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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