New Orleans Cajun Sizzler from Pizza Hut Review

New Orleans Cajun Sizzler from Pizza Hut Review New OrleansPaprika pulled chicken, roquito® chilli peppers, red onions & mixed peppers.

The New Orleans Cajun Sizzler Pizza Review

The lads were feeling cold as the winter dragged on, Ted’s suggestion to his wife that they cuddle in bed to keep warm was met with a stony silence, so a quick call to Bill and they were off to Pizza Hut.

The eye catching item on the menu was the New Orleans Cajun Sizzler as it looked so different with the Cheesy Garlic bites around the edge. The base was super thin and we commented how nice is was. The Pulled chicken was spicy and tender so no complaints there. The trademarked roquito® chilli peppers were slightly different to the run of the mill variety, but no great shakes to our mind and the onions and peppers joined the party to set things off a treat.

We enjoyed it but to be honest the base was the standout and we shall be sampling that again soon I suspect!

Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads….