Papa John’s Pizza Reviews

Papa John’s Pizza Reviews

The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John’s

The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John’s Review

The Bee Sting Pizza Review, The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John'sHot yellow Amarillo chilli base with our signature spicy pepperoni, mozzarella, fresh green chilli, and a sweet wild flower honey drizzle. Can you handle the sting? Available for a limited time only, grab one before they buzz off.
The Bee Sting Pizza Review
Everyone knows the Lads like a good hot and spicy pizza and when we saw that papas do a new one called the Bee Sting we both agreed that is the one for us, the hotter the better. In fact it’s a pity they don’t offer vindaloo pizzas as the lads have been known to partake in the odd curry now and again as our missuses will testify (much to their disgust, but hey an industrial plunger usually solves the problem ), Anyway nuff said about that!
So onto the pizza we piled over to the local outlet and were soon back in our gaff eager in anticipation. The pizza was nice and warm but we had legged it home pretty quickly. It looked much like a standard pepperoni but maybe the secret is in the sauce? The base was standard fare with a nice crispy edge and tasted fresh enough. The sauce was Amarillo chilli they say, we googled Amarillo and it seems it’s some sort of peruvian chilli, the colour is very yellow a bit like mustard and is full-flavored with plenty of heat but not scorchingly hot. It seemed to seep through the cheese which we liked.
The pepperoni was standard but nice quality and not too grease. it was sprinkled with fresh green chillies and while these were strong we felt a few more would have been nice. It then drizzled with a sweet wild flower honey sauce , a bit of a gimmick to tie in with the bee type theme , it was ok but added little to pizza overall. So as a combo we quite liked it, it was good and powerful stuff and it’s fair to say our mouths were on fire and tongues numb for a bit. So a thumbs up from the lads but no plungers required this time , perhaps they could offer the chilli sauce on a permanent basis for the guys fed up with the usual tomato sauce which would be a nice alternative.

The Hot Dog Pizza from Papa John’s

The Hot Dog Pizza from Papa John’s Review

The Hot Dog Pizza Review, Hot Dog Pizza Papa John'sEnjoy a taste of America with The Hot Dog pizza. A Heinz Tomato Ketchup base loaded with hot dog sausage, cheese, freshly sliced onions and topped with Heinz American style mustard.

The Hot Dog Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads are noticing a tend for pizza outlets having pizzas named after other types of fast food, burgers, tandoori, kebabs and such like. So from our mates at Papa John’s comes the Hot Dog.

Now The lads are fond of “good quality” hotdogs and not the cheap tinned ones from the local netto store. So we would be looking for high meat content hot dogs on our pizza. We dialled the number of the local Papas with trembling hands (probably because the missuses hadn’t left for a shopping trip yet and we were afraid we might be heard) and ordered our Hot Dog Pizza. Delivery was fairly quick (well done Papas) and the wives had only just departed so that dodged a bullet.

We settled down and had a look in the box. It looked a bit bland and it was a good job they had the mustard on top to give it some colour. It was obviously still nice and hot. The base we had was the classic and was all good, We were a little concerned that the Heinz Tomato Ketchup sauce was going to quite sweet compared to usual red sauce and it was pretty much a bit overpowering really. The cheese was standard fare and well cooked.

We were surprised that the sausage was much paler in colour than we expected and didn’t look the best quality. However don’t judge a book by it’s cover it was actually quite nice with a high meat content. And at least the saltiness of the sausage balanced out the sweetness of the ketchup well. A few onions were sprinkled about and were a welcome ingredient. It was as we said earlier, topped with Heinz American style mustard which is pretty mild but once again sweet. There was far too much mustard for the lads and it was slightly off-putting.

So did it work as a combo? We thought it was an interesting novelty idea and one that could be recreated in your kitchen by your own fair hands . But would you want to? Its saltiness of the sausage balancing out the sweetness well. was the sort of cooking type fun they would show on Kids TV during the summer holidays! We would say overall a 5 out of ten from the lads. Too much sauce!

A sideways thumbs from The Pizza Lads

The Greek Pizza from Papa John’s

The Greek Pizza from Papa John’s Review

The Greek Pizza Review, The Greek Pizza from Papa John's ReviewThis Mediterranean inspired combination of crumbled feta cheese, slices of red onion, fresh tomatoes, black olives and melting mozzarella with an oregano sprinkle is guaranteed to bring you a taste of summer sun.

The Greek Pizza Review

The lads had decided that summer was round the corner once again and to celebrate this were looking for suitable pizza. Now it always sunny in Greece we reckon (i’m sure our Greek friends will tell us differently though). So having been keeping the knowledge of the Greek pizza in our pockets (not literally only in our minds ) we decided the unleash the lads on this combo. The offering is pleasing to the eye with a good array of colour and if smelled okay.

Tucking in we appreciated the classic crust base and basic cheese and tomato topping but offered nothing new. So onto the main show, the crumbled feta cheese was salty and crumbly so was just how it should be. The black olives were from Spain’s famous Herrera Groves, now you may be wondering how we obtained such refined palates? well we read it on the website bumpf (sorry). Anyway the Olives were quite sour in our opinion but some people like them like that. Fresh tomatoes were chopped up and spread around which were decent. The oregano sprinkle gives the pizza it’s Mediterranean taste and if it wasn’t for that we would have marked this one down. So to sum up a passable combo but compared to the others we felt it was poor value for money.

A sideways thumbs from The Pizza Lads

Spicy Chicken Burger Pizza from Papa John’s

Spicy Chicken Burger Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Spicy Chicken Burger Pizza from Papa John's ReviewIt begins with a tongue tingling combo of our sweet Californian Tomato sauce and hot Buffalo sauce. Above that you’ll find crispy Piri Piri Chicken poppers along with fresh Red Peppers and sliced Red Onion. Lastly, a final flourish of Green Serenade Chillies for an extra wave of aromatic heat for that added kick.

The Spicy Chicken Burger Pizza Review

The Missuses were given us poor Pizza lads a hard time over the amount of Pizzas we were consuming and said we would end up looking like one. We pleaded our case that we had to eat Pizzas so all our followers know what to go for! But the law was laid down and we were told no more Pizzas in the next few days, that was it and they were off for good and “ain’t never coming back”. Oh man, now we are not good liars, so we really felt like we were knackered. So off we went in a right huff, but passing the local PJ’s, (Papa John’s) we noticed a sign for a Spicy Chicken Burger! Hang on a minute are they branching out into Macd’s territory? Closer inspection revealed it was a Pizza, so Ted said “well we can Green Serenade Chillies Green Serenade Chilliessay in all honesty we had a burger”, so only a white lie if questioned by the wives! That was good enough for us…

So anyway were losing the plot here, onto the pizza review. We decided upon the standard base which was as usual up to par and crispy round the edges. The toppings seemed a bit sparse though to look at. The sweet Californian Tomato sauce and hot Buffalo sauce was an inspired mixture and really sets the taste buds going. Cheese was all over and melty thick. The crispy Piri Piri Chicken poppers were a bit unusual and Bill wasn’t keen on the crispiness, but they had a real kicking taste. It was rounded off with fresh Red Peppers and sliced Red Onion. But the explosion of heat came from the Green Serenade Chillies.

So a good and different combo though were not too sure about the Burger name on it. Oh well, when we got back and faced the third degree we said we had had a burger and brownie points all round for the lads.

A Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Great British BBQ Pizza from Papa John’s

Great British BBQ Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Great British BBQ Pizza from Papa John's ReviewMake it a British summer to savour with this BBQ sensation, which is first loaded with our signature BBQ sauce, then topped with prime cuts of slow cooked, marinated BBQ beef, which is torn into rustic shreds and mixed with a sweet & sticky Old Kentucky whiskey glaze, juicy chargrilled chicken, spicy beef, pork sausage & onions.

The Great British BBQ Pizza Review

The lads and the missuses were enjoying the lovely summer weather, but Bills wife decided that the BBQ had to fired up so that they could get out of cooking no doubt. Anyway me and Bill were not too happy about this. All the work and waiting about and expense of the burgers and stuff. So we remembered that Papa John’s were offering a new Great British BBQ Pizza. To all round groans from the wives they eventually gave in so we headed own to Papas John’s.

The Base we choose was the thin crust XXL so enough for all (especially us). The base is decent, not too crusty though a bit floppy to the size (we know the feeling !). A good coating of BBQ sauce which we prefer to tomato on meaty offerings. It was fairly sweet but tangy, so all good. The pulled beef was indeed tender as promised and mixed with a sweet & sticky Old Kentucky whiskey glaze, which was really good. The whiskey taste wasn’t strong but gave the beef a deep luxurious flavour. The Chicken was moist and and full of flavour. Spicy beef was something we wouldn’t have added as it didn’t add much to the overall taste. Finally the pork sausage & onions gave a nice contrast to the pizza and the onions seemed to take away a bit of the sweetness.

So all very nice and work free for us. Was it better than a real BBQ? We thought it was a good try, however the wives were not as pleased, but hey they didn’t eat much, so all the more for us! Winner Winner BBQ dinner

A big thumbs up from The Pizza Lads….

BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John’s

BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John’s Review

BBQ Hog Roast Pizza from Papa John's BBQ Hog Roast reviewDeliciously mouth-watering, spit roast style pork shoulder, seasoned with thyme & black pepper with a generous helping of onions and our signature cheese on a unique apple sauce base for a traditional hog roast style experience.

The BBQ Hog Roast Pizza Review

Summer is most defiantly here and the lads were on the road for the Yearly Caravan break in Skegness with the missuses and kids. It is truly a time to remember normally, Wailing kids, moaning wives and general misery for us packed into a sardine can size space with toe stubbing obstacles everywhere. However the benefits are that nobody wants to cook so the wives are quite happy to indulge us in our passion for pizza .

The local Papa Johns was near the campsite, so off we went and as usual its our mission to test out the taste combos on offer. Today’s new pizza was the rather great sounding BBQ Hog Roast. We opted for the thin crust base as the kids prefer it. The ingredients are not too fussy which we like. Cheese as always was lovely and onions go down well, but the star of the show is the Hog Roast pork. Can they pull off that fresh roasted taste? The answer is just about… It was pretty tender and not too chewy with a rich indulgent taste complimented by the thyme and pepper. But the apple sauce base was perhaps a little too sweet for our taste and somehow the cheese and apple mix seemed odd. But it was as a whole a decent combo and a really quite good overall experience.

The kids loved it and the wives were quiet so we were on cloud nine. A summer winner!

A big Hog Roast thumbs up from The Pizza Lads…

BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa John’s

BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa John’s Review

BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa John's, BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza ReviewLoaded first, is a generous dollop of our signature BBQ sauce. Then a double helping of spicy beef, pickles, sliced tomatoes, onions and cheese, all on a fresh dough base. It’s the mouth-watering taste of a cheeseburger in every bite!

The BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza Review

The lads were passing the local Papa John’s after the missuses had sent us out with a shopping list to pick up some healthy option tasteless food from the supermarket, and Ted noticed the new pizza, the BBQ Cheeseburger .

Wow that’s a real guys pizza, no poncy spinach and pan fried shallot rubbish. So sacking off the shopping chore we went we and ordered one. We were on cloud nine not even caring about what would happen when we didn’t get back with the poncy food they wanted.

Now we would have preferred some chopped up beef patties of the Maccy D variety, but this was good. All the ingredients of a burger on a pizza.

We thought that tomato sauce base might have been better which of course you could have, but we went with the BBQ sauce. To be honest we could go though the all the ingredients and say this, that and the could have been better but the combination speaks for itself! And it all worked fantastically. Though in true Maccy D style, Bill picked his pickles out and dumped them on the side.

The Pizza Lads say – A thumbs up and a real winner!

We forgot the shopping and we were not popular when we went home. And we don’t care!

All The Meats Pizza from Papa John’s

All The Meats Pizza from Papa John’s Review

All The Meats Pizza from Papa John's Pizza ReviewAll the Meats™ Papa John’s fans have voted this their all time number one pizza. Is it the piquant Pepperoni, succulent Sausage or crispy Bacon that we stack on this super meaty pizza that makes it so popular? Or is it the sizzling spicy Beef, chunky Ham and fresh Mozzarella Cheese? Let your taste buds decide.

The All The Meats Pizza Review

The lads were scanning the Papa John’s menu and noticed that the All The Meats pizza was voted number one by “fans”. Well we thought we have never tried one for some reason and decided to put this to rights straight away. Slipping out while the wives were watching some soap or other on the Gogglebox, we were there in no time. So we ordered a deep crust base after seeing what was for tea before we left home and tucked in.

It was meaty for sure and Ted thought the combination of pork and beef was a bit not to his taste. However he was soon a convert and to be fair it’s definitely the pork toppings that prevail. The Sausage and Bacon were fantastic, but felt the Ham was a bit overpowered by the spicy Beef and Pepperoni. Having said that it was a good one. We have to say not our favourite but a good 8/10 from us.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Hot Pepper Passion Pizza from Papa John’s

Hot Pepper Passion Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Hot Pepper Passion Pizza from Papa John'sFour different peppers on a pizza? Now that’s a real passion for peppers. Trust Papa John to load a pizza with colourful red and green peppers, fiery green chilli peppers, spicy jalapeno peppers and finally… freshly sliced onions. This pizza is not called hot for nothing.

The Hot Peppers Passion Pizza Review

Now our other halves had been droning on about turning veggie for a while. We had no idea why but reckon it must have been something that they had heard said on the “Loose Woman” TV show about detoxing the bowels or something (never before had the show been more aptly named.. ha ha)

Anyway we had been brainwashed so when we stumbled zombiefied into Papa John’s, the only thought we had was veggie pizza. The hot pepper passion caught our eye and it sounded good. We went with medium deep crust on this occasion, the base was all great, a nice crispy crust and soft inside. The cheese / sauce checked out.

The pizza overall had a mighty kick to it and the chillies and jalapenos really set us on fire and the peppers and onions didn’t put it out! Nothing too much to go wrong with these toppings, they were juicy and cooked well.

All in all we liked it, but beware if you are not used to hot chillies etc..

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Double Layered Premium Pepperoni Pizza from Papa John’s

Double Layered Premium Pepperoni Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Double Layered Premium Pepperoni Pizza from Papa John's

The ultimate pepperoni treat. Papa John has smothered his 100% fresh dough base with succulent slices of pepperoni and melting cheese with an extra layer of larger deli pepperoni and a sprinkle of tasty Italian herbs.

The Double Layered Premium Pepperoni Pizza Review

The lads were on holiday, the wives had decided that a caravan in skegness was the place to be. Man things were tough as we were all stopping in one caravan and escape seemed impossible. Curiously the weather was hot and sunny which was unexpected judging by past experiences.

They had decided to economise by self catering so it was all tinned steam puddings and instant mash. Anyway while they were facebooking each other from 2 metres away we slipped off. Papa John’s was close by so we ran as fast as we could. We looked at the menu and fancied pepperoni, noticed the double layer offering and went for it.

So decent plain base as usual, cheese was cheesy which is all good and the pepperoni really did cover the pizza. We guessed they must have a load reaching best before date as it was heaped on! Very good it was too, our mouths were on fire by the time finished.

Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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