Papa John’s Pizza Reviews

Papa John’s Pizza Reviews

Premium Hawaiian Pizza from Papa John’s

Premium Hawaiian from Papa John’s Review

Premium Hawaiian Pizza Papa John'sSlow cooked, melt in the mouth, pulled ham hock and juicy chunks of fresh pineapple on a bed of melting mozzarella, makes this pizza the ultimate expression of Papa John’s passion for quality.

The Premium Hawaiian Pizza Review

Summer is here the time is right for stuffing our faces with lush pizza, we were full of the joys of the season so in that mood we thought we need a summer pizza. Well Hawaiian sounds like it comes for from hot exotic places.

We went for a large stuffed crust, the base was ace, as we always rate the papas. The cheese was passable and the toppings were simple but “Premiumised” and the pineapple being fresh had a bit of bite, so forget the tasteless supermarket frozen specials from your younger days. The ham hock follows the latest trend for all ham to be the hock variety and it was tasty and tender

A summer treat – a thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza from Papa John’s

Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza Review from Papa John'sSausage & Pepperoni – The Papa’s Favourite

This is the pizza makers pizza. We take our 100% fresh, never frozen dough, lovingly ladle on The Papa’s very own rich vine-ripened tomato sauce and then simply add his favourite toppings.

Starting with our special blend of six Italian cheeses, slices of pepperoni, chunks of sausage plus a sprinkle of Italian style seasoning.

The Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza Review

The lads were up for a midweek pizza, we had spent evenings staring at the telly with the other halves watching reality dross show that was a garbage medical drama and we were generally getting us really depressed at not being able to watch what we wanted, extreme fishing or monster trucks or martial arts, because females find it boring! So sneaking out the house as she was crying watching TV as some guy with chronic skin problems who can’t get a date was droning on.

We hooked up and headed to Papa johns! Bill really likes the dough they use so we were really up for it. Scanning the menu we settled for a real guys one – sausage and pepperoni. We were pleased indeed, the mix of cheeses was really good and was the standout for us. And who can complain about sausage and pepperoni which was tasty and tender. Another one to remember to have again.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Chicken Club Pizza from Papa John’s

Chicken Club Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Chicken Club Pizza from Papa John'sYou must try the Papa’s flavour filled take on an American diner favourite. The Chicken Club Pizza features chargrilled chicken, stacks of bacon and sliced onions with chunks of freshly diced tomatoes for an extra splash of colour and taste.

The Chicken Club Pizza Review

The lads were gagging for a pizza as usual, the weekend had been spent shopping, shopping and more shopping. The wives were really in the grove and seeing the trollies pile up with expensive items that we would never eat was bringing us out in a cold sweat. Surely the bill cant be that much! Anyway adding another couple of years until we could now retire. we planned a visit to our local Papa John’s.

We opted for the chicken club which is always a good combo. We went for the thin crust which was pretty good. The chicken was Succulent breast meat with a rich and smokey chargrilled flavour and the bacon was Smoked back bacon cooked to crisp perfection. It was all good and we were happy again,

A good choice we would say, thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza from Papa John’s

BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza from Papa John’s Review

BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza from Papa John's BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza ReviewMelt-in-the-mouth chunks of brisket burnt ends sliced from slow-smoked beef brisket, plus delicious crispy onions and bacon, drizzled with a sweet Cola BBQ sauce.

The BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza Review

the lads were enjoying the weekend despite the best efforts of our other halfs… We’d seen an advert on telly for a subway with burnt ends and remembered papa johns did a pizza one for a while, and so a quick check later and “it’s back” ! .. logo greeted us.

Off the to our local papas to see if it still as good. We opted for the original base and it was OK, no compliant

Now the star of the show was the burnt ends and man they were ace. Full of flavour and a good texture, complimented by the onions we were in heaven . the cola BBQ sauce was OK-ish but it didn’t matter as this is now on our top 10 pizza list.

A golden buzzer straight through for this one! A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

The Works Pizza from Papa John’s

The Works Pizza from Papa John’s Review

The Papa said “Give this pizza the works!”, so we took our 100% fresh, never frozen dough and really went to town. We piled on delicious pepperoni, Italian style sausage and ham, then we added even more flavour with fresh baby portobello mushrooms, crunchy green peppers, sliced onions and black Herrera olives.

The Works Pizza Review

The lads were a bit Mondayish so what better way to cheers us up than a nice pizza. We opted for the works from Papa John’s, and to give a true review we had it “as is”, Now black olives are not number one on our list of ingredients, but they weren’t bad, a bit more bitter than we would like, but the deluge of other toppings really made this seem less an issue.

The pepperoni was a decent spicy variety and the ham and sausage really piled on that porky pressure. The peppers were a bit too crunchy for our liking, but the base (we had a stuffed crust) was pretty good. So all in all, a lot going on, too much for the lads but some like it this way.

A sideways thumb from The Pizza Lads

The Works Pizza from Papa John's Pizza Review

Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza from Papa John’s

Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza from Papa John’s Review

This delicious Mexican inspired combo loaded with flame-charred pulled chicken and fresh, juicy pineapple chunks, features the warmth of sliced red cayenne chillies, freshly sliced onions and a lively Aji Verde salsa drizzle – on a sauce free base for an authentic taco experience.

The Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza Review

A different proposition this as it has a sauce free base, the lads thought this is gonna be dry so we ordered some Irn-Bru to wash it down, however we were pleasantly surprised as the pineapple provided an ample alternative to enable swallowing without a problem, an unusual and lively pizza with a real kick so ask them to hold the chillies if thats not your thing, the chicken was really tasty.

A “that’s OK” from The Pizza Lads

Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza from Papa John's

Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza from Papa John’s

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