Pizza Express Pizza Reviews

Pizza Express Pizza Reviews

Veneziana Pizza from Pizza Express

Veneziana Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Pine kernels, red onion, baby capers, black olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato

Veneziana Pizza Review

Veneziana Pizza Review, Veneziana Pizza from Pizza ExpressThe lads had been dragged out again by the wives to the out of town shopping complex but the saving grace is that we know it has a pizza express, so all we need to do is slip off for an hour or so. So when they were trying on the 50th dress of the day we managed to disappear .

We wanted we try something different and the Veneziana certainly fitted the bill though we were a bit suspect of some of the ingredients being the meat and cheese freaks we are. Service was a bit slow but we have had worse and at least it was nice and hot and looked good. The classic base was the standard fair, slightly soft and sloppy, but very acceptable. Sauce was very nice with a rich deep taste . Mozzarella was reasonably thick with a good toasting on top and was delicious as always. Onto the the ingredients, gulp…

The pine nuts were Crunchy yet butter textured, pleasantly sweet and were a real revelation on a pizza. The capers had a slight vinegar flavour but marginally salty with it (not our cup of tea). The olives were salty with a bitter oily palette. The sultanas offset and contrasted the pine nuts and capers and were a welcome addition with a juicy texture. It was rounded off with red onions but we felt this was more for appearance sake than adding to the taste and we felt they were out of place on this combo.

So all in all it was a very different Mediterranean inspired offering. We have to say we would not order this normally but different we wanted and that is what we got!

We got back the clothes shop just as the 78th dress was being tried on… Arrghhhh!

An “okay” from The Pizza Lads

American Hot Pizza from Pizza Express

American Hot Pizza from Pizza Express Review

American Hot Pizza Review, American Hot Pizza from Pizza ExpressPepperoni, mozzarella and tomato, with your choice of hot green, Roquito or jalapeño peppers on a Classic base

American Hot Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads were cold, very cold and not just from the frosty stares the missuses were casting at us. They were in a foul mood as they said they were having to do everything to prepare for Christmas. Which we felt wasn’t fair as we had put up the Xmas trees and put the chocolates on (minus the half we had scoffed of course). No, we were just in the way and a Christmas miracle happened when they threw some money at us and told us to get out and have a pizza, now we are not so slow on the uptake sometimes and had departed the house even before the wives voice had finished echoing in the hallway.

Once clear of them having second thoughts we set sail for Pizza Express and it was poxy freezing out in the streets. We got to the restaurant in double quick time and scanning the menu the only option we considered was the American Hot. “That’ll warm us up” Ted said…

The pizza duly arrived and looked a treat. The base was the Classic and was fairly thick in our opinion and with a light fluffy texture, with a nicely browned raised edge crust. The passata sauce was as expected and had a deep rich flavour, topped with well toasted mozzarella cheese which was nicely heaped on. The pepperoni was quite generous, but had been a bit overcooked in our opinion and was tough going, taste wise it was reasonable. We had chosen the jalapeño peppers as our option and this was pretty potent but a bit thinly spread. So did we get hot under the collar with this offering? It was okay, nothing too special but what it did it did OK, apart from the pepperoni.

A middle of the road rating.. Now back to face the music at home, oh man, this will be a long holiday season.

a thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

La Reine Classic Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express

La Reine Classic Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express Review

Prosciutto cotto ham, mushrooms, olives, creamy mozzarella& our famous passata

La Reine Pizza Review

La Reine Pizza Review, Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express

The lads had noticed that Pizza express do a range of cook at home pizzas and we were keen to try one to see if we could recreate that restaurant experience in our humble little abode. We chose the La Reine Classic which is basically a ham and mushroom pizza which is never a bad thing. It cost about a fiver so obviously much cheaper than eating in house. When were moved the packaging it looked pretty good and the toppings were at least a fairly good covering. The cooking instructions say to Drizzle a little olive oil over your pizza to give it a crispier finish, and who are we to argue, so out came the extra extra virgin stuff that the missus had purchased and never used and splashed it over a bit.

 So after the cooking time had completed we settled down for our feast and to fair it looked a treat. The base was a bit too crispy on the bottom as is so often the case when cooking pizzas in home ovens even though we had followed the instructions to the letter. However it wasn’t rock hard so we could live with it. The dough was OK but didn’t taste as fresh as we would have liked and felt a bit slimy on the tongue. On to the toppings then… The passata was decent proportioned and had a deep rich taste. The cheese was indeed creamy and had toasted well. The mushrooms were of a decent quality and were juicy and tasty. The Prosciutto cotto ham was delicately flavored, dry cured and had all the flavour we expected. A few olives were scattered about to little effect as they lacked that pungent bite.

So what was our verdict? Well Ted said that it was little better than a standard supermarket own brand offering and Bill reckoned it was nowhere near restaurant quality.

A six out of ten from The Pizza Lads

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Pizza Express

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Review, Mushroom & Truffle Pizza ExpressSliced Portobello and closed cup mushrooms, mozzarella, ricotta, fresh rosemary and garlic oil on a béchamel base, drizzled with truffle oil ,a sprinkling of fresh parsley and shaved Gran Milano cheese on a Romana base

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads were celebrating, we had won 25 pounds on a lottery scratch card and we were definitely not going to be telling the missuses about this windfall. We decided that we would blow our winnings on the most luxury sounding pizza we could at Pizza Express. Actually the cost didn’t reflect too badly, but was in the top range of the menu offering price wise.

The Pizza duly arrived and was reasonably hot and looked pleasant in a pale sort of way. The base was a Romana and looked crispy on the edges but was just a bit too soggy for our liking, but was a decent taste at least. The béchamel sauce was probably the reason for the slightly soggy base and was fairly bland. The Sliced Portobello and closed cup mushrooms were a good combination and were fresh with subtle earthiness.  The mozzarella cheese was a bit thinly spread and saved to an extent by the creaminess of the ricotta. The top was scattered with fragrant, dry, flaking Gran Milano cheese, which had a granular texture with an intensely sweet flavour. So far – so so. Can this pizza be saved by the oils?

The garlic oil was quite strong and The Pizza Lads didn’t see a single vampire on the way home! The truffle oil had an Intense garlic aroma and a powerful truffle flavour and was simply gorgeous and a complete revelation on a pizza. The trimmings were rosemary and parsley and added nice finish.

So all in all a different pizza, good and bad points yes, but a different experience. Ted wondered if the garlic oil would work on the missus as well as it seemed to on vampires?

A thumbs sideways from The Pizza Lads

Carbonara Pizza from Pizza Express

Carbonara Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Carbonara Pizza Review, Carbonara Pizza from Pizza ExpressPancetta, Mozzarella and Garlic oil on a Béchamel base, baked with a free-range Egg and finished with grated Gran Milano cheese and fresh parsley on a Romana base

Carbonara Pizza Review

The lads had come into some money, searching down the back of the sofa they had found enough for a treat. Pizza Express here we come! So off we went and had a scan of the menu, now you may know we are suckers for new pizza offerings and the picture of a what looked like a fried egg on top of a pizza really got our juices going. We had no option but to give this a road test…

The pizza turned up and was well cooked and hot, although we felt the toppings were a bit thinly applied. The base was the Romana, which has a rustic look to it, and topped with a Béchamel sauce, which we found to be a pleasant change to Tomato. It was rich and creamy, though the flavour was a little under-pronounced for our taste.

The Mozzarella and Garlic oil was pretty standard fare, but nice and added to the genuine Italian style feel. It came with grated Gran Milano Cheese which really kicked up the taste rating and subtle hints of Parsley were evident. We had eaten all around and left the egg till last. Of course it wasn’t really fried despite it’s appearance but baked. Now baking eggs makes them a little rubbery and this was no exception, taste was OK. To be honest if they had stuck a fresh fried egg on it after cooking we would have been in heaven!

So overall we are always pleased with new combos and this one was very interesting, commendable especially for the Béchamel sauce.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Margherita Bufala from Pizza Express

Margherita Bufala from Pizza Express Review

Margherita Bufala from Pizza Express ReviewBuffalo mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil, fresh tomato, garlic oil, and oregano, finished with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.

The Margherita Pizza Review

The lads are always intrigued by the strange sounding names that pizza express gives to the Pizzas, usually they are fairly standard in a way, but sound more exotic and perhaps justify the higher price point. Now we are fans of Pizza Express offerings in general, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and pick a odd sounding one on our visit with looking at the picture or ingredients. So Ted took the lead and closed his eyes a bit and settled on the Margherita Bufala. Cool whats Bufala? Sounds like an insult from Bills misses! So ordering said Pizza and checking Google we discovered that its Italian for Buffalo Mozzarella or “Mozzarella di Bufala”. Another mystery solved but hey we could have guessed from the ingredients.

It turned up promptly and to be honest, looked like it had been left out in the garden on a windy day and leaves had landed all over it. So on to the base – all good and a nice texture and well cooked without being hard. The Cheese was decent and spiced up with fresh Basil, Garlic oil, and Oregano. We thought the Oregano was a bit overdone and took over a bit. The Tomatoes were small and sharp and we would have preferred big slices of Beef Tomatoes. To be honest we were not big fans of the leaves either. They were a bit chewy for our liking. So all in all, not the best Pizza we have ever had.

It was OK but not something the we would rush back for. The Pizza Lads…

Quattro Carni Pizza from Pizza Express

Quattro Carni Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Quattro Carni Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Finocchiona, Coppa, Milano Salami, Pancetta, Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella, finished with rocket and shaved Gran Milano Cheese on a classic base.

The Quattro Carni Pizza Review

The lads were intrigued by the Pizza Express menu the last time we visited as the toppings seemed to have unusual names, last time it was Barbacoa. We also happened to notice the Quattro Carni Pizza which has Finocchiona and Coppa! We had no idea so vowed to come back and try it. So giving the missuses the slip one day we found the opportunity. We had decided to Google these mystery toppings before we left and we discovered that Finocchiona is Pork Salami. Right OK, Coppa is Pork Collar!

We like different, so we went for it. The pizza base was good and tasty as usual but would all the Pork’s work together? We are pleased to report that the combo was a real treat with subtle differences between the various types. The Finocchiona has the taste of Fennel seeds, produce an intriguing sweet, anise flavor. The Coppa was quite fatty but tender. Milano Salami and Pancetta added to overall effect. Finished with rocket and shaved Gran Milano cheese to give a fresh summer looking appearance.

A decent option for Pork loving Pizza fans and a thumbs up from The Pizza Lads…

Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express

Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Barbacoa Pizza from Pizza Express Review Barbacoa PizzaSmoky, spicy and full flavoured with pulled Barbacoa Beef, Spicy Chipotle Salsa, Garlic Oil, Mozzarella and Tomato, with a finish of fresh Tomato, Red Onion and fresh Coriander on a Classic base.

The Barbacoa Pizza Review

The Lads had been forced into taking the missuses for a night out at a restaurant. So wanting a quiet life we opted for our local pizza express, so we could indulge in our pizza passion and they could have something else, they were keen on the Lasagne (but more of that later)

Anyway on to the business in hand, we were confronted with a wide array of choice but as always we feel the need to bring you our view of the new options. so the Barbacoa sounded different indeed and it was new. I (Ted) asked what Barbacoa was and none of us knew, so Bill got his phone out and checked on Wikipedia .. it says it’s “barbecue”.. So mystery solved.

The base was just the standard classic, but no complaints from us on that. Cheese & Tomato checked all good. Now the toppings – Barbacoa Beef was tasty and we found it really full of flavour, a little greasy for our taste but a good and strong offering. The Chipotle Salsa really had a kick to it with a faint hint of the Garlic Oil coming though. The fresh Tomato, Red Onion and fresh Coriander made this a busy looking Pizza, but just took the edge off the meats and enhanced the combo.

So maybe not a classic but it was pretty okay. A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Pizza Express Lasagne….!!!

A message from The Pizza Lads Wives, who had the Lasagne and on this occasion wanted to add a few words of their very own…

We had the Lasagne from the pasta menu and expected something good as this is Pizza Express who sell their selves as one of the best Pizza Restaurants in the UK. We were very surprised at the dreadful quality of the Lasagne in its presentation and taste. It turned up in a black dish that had obviously just been taking out the microwave. The Lasagne itself was nothing more than Godawful wishy washy slop. It ran through my fork and i needed a spoon to eat it. Although the Lads Pizza’s were good, Pizza Express need to pay attention to other items on the menu if they are going to continue to offer an alternative.

Pizza Express Lasagna response

Pizza Express Lasagna response

Soho 65 from Pizza Express

Soho 65 from Pizza Express Review

Soho 65 from Pizza Express Soho 65 Pizza ReviewMozzarella and tomato with black olives, buffalo mozzarella and garlic oil, finished with rocket, shaved Gran Milano cheese and extra virgin olive oil on a Classic base

The Soho 65 Pizza Review

The lads had not been that kind to Pizza Express the last time we visited, We had the Vegan option and though passable did not appeal to us. So in the interest of fairness we revisited our local and choose another option.

Now you may be thinking we would go for the safe options. But no, the lads are committed to bringing you all the options so you can make up your mind yourself. Scanning the menu we opted for the Soho 65, not perhaps our traditional taste.

The pizza was a “salad garden on a plate” Ted said, when it arrived at our table. The rocket was very much present, Base and sauce were as usual the fine Pizza Express offering. A few black olives were scattered about to break up the green colour.

The two cheeses complimented the rocket nicely and the Garlic and Olive Oil were not not to greasy tasting and to be honest all in all the Pizza as a combination offering worked well. The rocket really standing out with a pleasant mustard taste with a peppery bite. A nice option the lads agreed !

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Vegan Giardiniera from Pizza Express

Vegan Giardiniera Review from Pizza Express Review

Vegan Giardiniera Review from Pizza Express Vegan Giardiniera ReviewArtichoke, closed cup mushroom, red onion and black olives, with tomato, vegan mozzarella alternative and garlic oil, finished with fresh parsley on a Romana base.

The Vegan Giardiniera Pizza Review

Now the lads are real men cavemen meat eaters! But we are married (to our wives lol) who might have a different opinion, so on a double date we popped into pizza express.

It was decided for us that a vegan pizza would be in order. The lads weren’t sure why, but they explained to us that Sarah the new Zumba teacher was a Vegan (we could’ve guessed). So with a tear in our eyes we passed over the meat feast and double pepperoni and focused on the Vegan Giardiniera.

The pizza appeared after a brief while and we got stuck in. The base was Good of course. Toppings wise, well we could live with Mushrooms, tomato and onion. Artichoke and olives would not be top of our list, but it worked together pretty well.

Our problem was with the fake mozzarella, it was to our taste a bit Grim. I suppose we could get used to it, but it didn’t float our boats. Ted said it had a funny twang. Luckily the Garlic oil hid some of the taste. So all in all, not one that we would be getting again. Even the wives didn’t argue with that!

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads if you like that sort of thing…..

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