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The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John’s

The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John’s Review

The Bee Sting Pizza Review, The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John'sHot yellow Amarillo chilli base with our signature spicy pepperoni, mozzarella, fresh green chilli, and a sweet wild flower honey drizzle. Can you handle the sting? Available for a limited time only, grab one before they buzz off.
The Bee Sting Pizza Review
Everyone knows the Lads like a good hot and spicy pizza and when we saw that papas do a new one called the Bee Sting we both agreed that is the one for us, the hotter the better. In fact it’s a pity they don’t offer vindaloo pizzas as the lads have been known to partake in the odd curry now and again as our missuses will testify (much to their disgust, but hey an industrial plunger usually solves the problem ), Anyway nuff said about that!
So onto the pizza we piled over to the local outlet and were soon back in our gaff eager in anticipation. The pizza was nice and warm but we had legged it home pretty quickly. It looked much like a standard pepperoni but maybe the secret is in the sauce? The base was standard fare with a nice crispy edge and tasted fresh enough. The sauce was Amarillo chilli they say, we googled Amarillo and it seems it’s some sort of peruvian chilli, the colour is very yellow a bit like mustard and is full-flavored with plenty of heat but not scorchingly hot. It seemed to seep through the cheese which we liked.
The pepperoni was standard but nice quality and not too grease. it was sprinkled with fresh green chillies and while these were strong we felt a few more would have been nice. It then drizzled with a sweet wild flower honey sauce , a bit of a gimmick to tie in with the bee type theme , it was ok but added little to pizza overall. So as a combo we quite liked it, it was good and powerful stuff and it’s fair to say our mouths were on fire and tongues numb for a bit. So a thumbs up from the lads but no plungers required this time , perhaps they could offer the chilli sauce on a permanent basis for the guys fed up with the usual tomato sauce which would be a nice alternative.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Pizza Hut

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Pizza Hut Review

Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato Sauce Buffalo Chicken, Roasted Onions & Peppers, Jalapenos, finished with a Chipotle Mayo Drizzle

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Review

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Review, Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Pizza HutThe lads were hot (as always) and looking for a summer menu pizza to cool things down. As Ted says that people in hot countries always eat hot and spicy things, then that’s the way to go. We happened past Pizzahut and noticed that the new menu included the Buffalo Chicken Pizza + Jalapenos Pizza, That’s defo the one for the lads.

We ordered it on a classic crust base and when we got our hands on the pizza (or at least our eyes) it looked a bit lame but don’t judge a book by it’s cover we say. The base was thin and fairly crispy but hot and tasty with a hint of garlic. The Tomato sauce was fairly thinly spread and we could’ve done with a bit more but it was rich and indulgent. Mozzarella Cheese was present and correct.  Buffalo chicken was tender but once again we felt the portion was a bit stingy, but hey we are fairly greedy guys as our wives will testify. Taste wise it was reasonably hot and powerful . Scattered around were Roasted Onions & Peppers which was a more generous helping as is always the case with the “cheaper ingredients”, having said that a pizza always benefits from peppers and to a degree onions and no exception here they really lifted the pizza combo.

Our biggest gripe was with the Jalapenos and we agreed they were shrivelled up and tough and we felt that they had either been cooked too much or were not as fresh as they could have been. It was drizzled with a Chipotle Mayo Drizzle sauce which while looking nice was not something we would have had by choice as it added little to the combo. So all in all a reasonable all around pizza let down mostly by the Jalapenos.

So the Pizza Lads decided on a reasonable thumbs up.

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury’s Review

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury's ReviewHand stretched wood-fired pizza base, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chestnut mushrooms, cooked ham, mascarpone cheese, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese with hand stretched sourdough A great pizza starts with a great base. So we make ours with slow-fermented sourdough for a distinctive savoury tang, and we hand stretch each one, so they stay light and airy. Then we flash bake them on lava stones in a wood-fired oven. We choose beechwood logs because they burn hot and evenly, giving us temperatures of up to 600˚C. It’s this combination of intense heat and porous lava stone that sets the dough in seconds, locking in all the taste. The result is the classic Neapolitan-style crust crisp, thin and full of flavour. We choose our toppings carefully too, and hand layer them, starting with a rich Italian tomato and fresh basil sauce and creamy shaved mozzarella. Then we add delicate slices of prosciutto cotto, meaty chestnut mushrooms sautéed with garlic and herbs, and spoonfuls of velvety mascarpone. Finished with a sprinkling of tangy Italian Parmigiano Reggiano for extra richness.

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza Review

The lads realised that that we had not reviewed a supermarket pizza for a while, so popping into our local Sainsbury’s we scanned the shelves and opted for one of the extra special type pizzas . Now all the big supermarkets do these big box oval pizzas these days and Ted reckons they are all from one factory.

Anyway we got it back home and cooked according to instructions. It looked fairly okay and was a good size for two people, the sourdough base was thin and crisply bubbled at the edges as it should be. It was quite tasty and not too hard, It was topped with a rich Italian tomato and basil sauce, the basil was a bit overpowering in our opinion but not nasty. The prosciutto cotto was not not very generous in helping size but was a decent texture ,sweet and full of flavour.

The mushrooms were delightfully garlicky and contrasted well with the creamy blobs of mascarpone which gave a superb texture contrast. It was finished with a sprinkling of tangy Italian Parmigiano Reggiano , but didn’t really add much to the proceedings.

So all in all for the price a reasonable offering, nothing to get  excited about but definitely not dreadful either .

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Veneziana Pizza from Pizza Express

Veneziana Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Pine kernels, red onion, baby capers, black olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato

Veneziana Pizza Review

Veneziana Pizza Review, Veneziana Pizza from Pizza ExpressThe lads had been dragged out again by the wives to the out of town shopping complex but the saving grace is that we know it has a pizza express, so all we need to do is slip off for an hour or so. So when they were trying on the 50th dress of the day we managed to disappear .

We wanted we try something different and the Veneziana certainly fitted the bill though we were a bit suspect of some of the ingredients being the meat and cheese freaks we are. Service was a bit slow but we have had worse and at least it was nice and hot and looked good. The classic base was the standard fair, slightly soft and sloppy, but very acceptable. Sauce was very nice with a rich deep taste . Mozzarella was reasonably thick with a good toasting on top and was delicious as always. Onto the the ingredients, gulp…

The pine nuts were Crunchy yet butter textured, pleasantly sweet and were a real revelation on a pizza. The capers had a slight vinegar flavour but marginally salty with it (not our cup of tea). The olives were salty with a bitter oily palette. The sultanas offset and contrasted the pine nuts and capers and were a welcome addition with a juicy texture. It was rounded off with red onions but we felt this was more for appearance sake than adding to the taste and we felt they were out of place on this combo.

So all in all it was a very different Mediterranean inspired offering. We have to say we would not order this normally but different we wanted and that is what we got!

We got back the clothes shop just as the 78th dress was being tried on… Arrghhhh!

An “okay” from The Pizza Lads

Tabasco Pizza from Domino’s

Tabasco Pizza from Domino’s Review

Tabasco Pizza Review, Tabasco Pizza from Domino'sGround beef, onions, green and red peppers, jalapeño peppers with Tabasco flavoured mozzarella cheese stuffed into our fresh dough crust

Tabasco Pizza Review

The lads were having a bad summer and the rain kept pouring down and making things pretty miserable, so Ted reckoned that to cheer us up we ought to have a hot and spicy pizza. The Hot and Spicy option from Domino’s seemed to fit the bill. To give it even more oomph we decided on the Tabasco and cheese stuffed crust which is a limited edition base. So we stocked up on Gaviscon and ordered our pizza. It arrived reasonably hot and looked nice and colourful with the array of peppers.

The Base was quite an expensive option but we liked the sound of it. The Tabasco flavoured cheese stuffing was pretty ace , not quite as plasticy as some stuffed crusts can be. The cheese inside was really pleasantly hot and we were well pleased with it, the base was itself was up to standard. Usual tomato sauce was fairly generous in covering. Standard mozzarella cheese was spot on. The toppings were the ground beef forming the main ingredient and this was very nice and had a decent helping. Onions always go down well with any beef ingredients but we felt some more was needed.  green and red peppers add the taste that cant be topped, slighty hot and juicy .  jalapeño peppers added that usual kick . So was it hot and spicy? .. Yep especially with the Tabasco cheese crust but a portion of pepperoni might have really put it up there . I don’t think we would have this often but it really cheered us up. Now where’s that Gaviscon.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

The Hot Dog Pizza from Papa John’s

The Hot Dog Pizza from Papa John’s Review

The Hot Dog Pizza Review, Hot Dog Pizza Papa John'sEnjoy a taste of America with The Hot Dog pizza. A Heinz Tomato Ketchup base loaded with hot dog sausage, cheese, freshly sliced onions and topped with Heinz American style mustard.

The Hot Dog Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads are noticing a tend for pizza outlets having pizzas named after other types of fast food, burgers, tandoori, kebabs and such like. So from our mates at Papa John’s comes the Hot Dog.

Now The lads are fond of “good quality” hotdogs and not the cheap tinned ones from the local netto store. So we would be looking for high meat content hot dogs on our pizza. We dialled the number of the local Papas with trembling hands (probably because the missuses hadn’t left for a shopping trip yet and we were afraid we might be heard) and ordered our Hot Dog Pizza. Delivery was fairly quick (well done Papas) and the wives had only just departed so that dodged a bullet.

We settled down and had a look in the box. It looked a bit bland and it was a good job they had the mustard on top to give it some colour. It was obviously still nice and hot. The base we had was the classic and was all good, We were a little concerned that the Heinz Tomato Ketchup sauce was going to quite sweet compared to usual red sauce and it was pretty much a bit overpowering really. The cheese was standard fare and well cooked.

We were surprised that the sausage was much paler in colour than we expected and didn’t look the best quality. However don’t judge a book by it’s cover it was actually quite nice with a high meat content. And at least the saltiness of the sausage balanced out the sweetness of the ketchup well. A few onions were sprinkled about and were a welcome ingredient. It was as we said earlier, topped with Heinz American style mustard which is pretty mild but once again sweet. There was far too much mustard for the lads and it was slightly off-putting.

So did it work as a combo? We thought it was an interesting novelty idea and one that could be recreated in your kitchen by your own fair hands . But would you want to? Its saltiness of the sausage balancing out the sweetness well. was the sort of cooking type fun they would show on Kids TV during the summer holidays! We would say overall a 5 out of ten from the lads. Too much sauce!

A sideways thumbs from The Pizza Lads

Dominic Pizza from Mod Pizza

Dominic Pizza Review, Dominic Pizza Hut Review

White sauce, asiago, fresh chopped basil, red onion, sliced tomatoes, mild sausage

Dominic Pizza Review

Dominic Pizza Review, Dominic Pizza Hut Review Dominic Pizza

The lads were once again back in the big city and our port of call is always to seek out a Mod Pizza outlet which we highly rate. Upon arrival we scanned the menu and were met as always with a strange names given to the pizzas. We are secretly hoping that they introduce a Bill or Ted one (hint, hint) but for now though Ted wanted the Fred, Bill vetoed that as he hated a guy called Fred at College (good looking dude who always got the girls). Anyway we opted for the Dominic as we recalled no problems with any guys with that name.

The Dominic was ordered the standard base as they don’t offer the multitude of fancy bases other outlets do. To be honest the frappé latte flavour garlic and olive with stuffed plastic cheese and hot dog crust is totally overrated in our opinion. Anyway when it arrived it looked pretty pale due the white sauce which was Creamy and a great alternative to red sauce. The base itself was nicely cooked though a little thin. It was sprinkled with sharp asiago cheese made in the foothills of some Italian hill or other. The sausage was a bit too mild for our liking and could have done with more flavour. It was accompanied by fresh chopped basil, red onion and sliced tomatoes which gave the offering a nice flavour range.

So we were overall fairly happy though we felt this combo was a weak offering really compared to some and had a certain blandness about it, not too bad but not one for us.

A sidewards thumb from The Pizza Lads

Pollo Forza Pizza from Pizza Express

Pollo Forza Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Pollo Forza Pizza Review, Pollo Forza Pizza from Pizza ExpressChicken with hot chilli, sweet, spicy Roquito peppers, roasted peppers, garlic oil, mozzarella and tomato, finished with Gran Milano cheese on a Romana base

Pollo Forza Pizza Review

The lads were free once again from the wives clutches to enjoy a new pizza offering and bring that that review to our followers, we seemed to have done a lot of shop bought ones lately so we figured it was time to return to our roots. So we felt pizza express was a nice destination to get back on track. We would like to point out that we always pay for our pizzas in full but if any outlets would like to entice us in with bribes and such like we would be happy to go. Not that this would buy a favourable review as our integrity is at the forefront of all we do. But throw in a few beers as well and you never know (only joking), anyway enough waffling on for now.
We plumped for the Pollo Forza which sounded just the ticket. When delivered it was good and hot. It looked colourful with the array of peppers too. The base was standard pizza express and was reasonably thick, but a bit doughy. The edge on pizzas is always fairly narrow compared to some but  was nicely crisped. Toppings were tomato sauce of course which was acceptable, mozzarella cheese was okay but not as thick and stringy as we would have liked. Chicken with hot chilli was decent, tender and had a decent kick. The sweet, spicy Roquito peppers and roasted peppers combination was for us the standout ingredient, succulent and full of flavour and lifted the pizza to a premium level. It was rounded off with garlic oil and Gran Milano cheese and that added slightly as well. So a fairly disappointing base pizza which was transformed by the peppers. A 6.5 out of 10 from the Lads.

A sideways thumbs from The Pizza Lads

Easter Chocolate Dough Ball Pizza from ASDA

Easter Chocolate Dough Ball Pizza from ASDA Review

Easter Chocolate Dough Ball Pizza Review, Asda Pizza Chocolate flavoured balls of dough with milk and white chocolate chunks, milk chocolate curls, mini marshmallows and chocolate sauce with sprinkles. Pop it in the oven for just five minutes and you’ll have a delicious, gooey, chocolatey treat.

Easter Chocolate Dough Ball Pizza Review

The lads were once again on child minding duties as it was the Easter holidays, so at our wits end we decided to share the pain with the good folks at our local supermarket Asda. We let them go on the rampage while we explored the fresh pizza counter. To our surprise we found that they were doing a Easter Chocolate Dough Ball Pizza! Now it really seemed like a cake to the lads and would have thought it would be on the bakery counter but that’s just us. So anyway in the basket it went and off we trotted.

It says it can be eaten hot or cold but we like our pizzas like we like our women, hot and fresh ! but maybe not as sticky as this concoction was. right moving on.

It only takes five minutes and was even gooier when it came out. So as you see it looks like a bunch of profiteroles glued together with chocolate sauce. The topping was Marshmallows, it’s a wonder that Asda hadn’t given the option to add more toppings like chilli beef or pineapple. But it is what it is.

So you ask what was it like. It smelled of chocolate obviously, the dough was a bit crusty and dense we felt and tasted of chocolate. The sauce was like a chocolate desert but that was nice we reckoned. And the marshmallows were marshmallowy. So as a pizza offering it sucked, as a cake it was okay, a bit rich and sickly and the amount of sugar in it could have sustained an everest expedition on it’s own.

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

The Greek Pizza from Papa John’s

The Greek Pizza from Papa John’s Review

The Greek Pizza Review, The Greek Pizza from Papa John's ReviewThis Mediterranean inspired combination of crumbled feta cheese, slices of red onion, fresh tomatoes, black olives and melting mozzarella with an oregano sprinkle is guaranteed to bring you a taste of summer sun.

The Greek Pizza Review

The lads had decided that summer was round the corner once again and to celebrate this were looking for suitable pizza. Now it always sunny in Greece we reckon (i’m sure our Greek friends will tell us differently though). So having been keeping the knowledge of the Greek pizza in our pockets (not literally only in our minds ) we decided the unleash the lads on this combo. The offering is pleasing to the eye with a good array of colour and if smelled okay.

Tucking in we appreciated the classic crust base and basic cheese and tomato topping but offered nothing new. So onto the main show, the crumbled feta cheese was salty and crumbly so was just how it should be. The black olives were from Spain’s famous Herrera Groves, now you may be wondering how we obtained such refined palates? well we read it on the website bumpf (sorry). Anyway the Olives were quite sour in our opinion but some people like them like that. Fresh tomatoes were chopped up and spread around which were decent. The oregano sprinkle gives the pizza it’s Mediterranean taste and if it wasn’t for that we would have marked this one down. So to sum up a passable combo but compared to the others we felt it was poor value for money.

A sideways thumbs from The Pizza Lads

Picard Superior Margherita Pizza from Ocado

Picard Superior Margherita (Frozen) Pizza Review, Ocado Review

Picard Superior Margherita (Frozen) Pizza Review, Ocado Pizza ReviewRediscover the pleasures of Italy in savouring this delicious pizza topped with pomodoro sauce and creamy balls of Mozzarella. To be shared… or not!

Picard Superior Margherita (Frozen) Pizza Review

The lads missuses were working hard to keep a roof over our heads and didn’t have much time left for shopping so it was left to the lads to sort this out. Now we were getting a cheesed off going to supermarkets, so Bill decided that we would try online home delivery from Ocado. So we added the usual Toilet rolls and tins of spam etc, but off course as we are the pizzalads we had to buy a pizza. We plumped for a frozen one which looked like it was an authentic Italian one and we all know that they make the best! Now it was not a cheap option so more overtime will have to be done by the missuses to cover are largesse.

The plain Margherita is we know a boring choice but only the Italians can produce a taste sensation from cheese and tomato. We cooked according to the instructions and when finished it looked really artisanal. It seemed that it was straight from a pizza oven freshly made. The smell was divine which we had not expected. So the base was a delicious thin wood-fired blistered base which had not gone hard in the cooking process but was still crispy . It was topped with fresh-tasting tomato sauce ,more sweet than sharp but with good balance with a touch of oregano. The quality mozzarella is obvious and not the mass produced stuff and had a lovely oozing quality, slightly salty we thought but nevertheless delicious. So obviously a short review due the toppings but we do recommended this and as far as frozen ones go, we couldn’t ask for better.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Catalan Chicken & Chorizo Pizza from Domino’s

Catalan Chicken & Chorizo From Domino’s Review

Catalan Chicken & Chorizo Pizza Review, Catalan Domino'sDouble pulled Catalan style chicken, chorizo, onions, green & red peppers topped with a drizzle of sour cream and paprika sauce

Catalan Chicken & Chorizo Pizza Review

The lads are always on the lookout for new pizza combos and Domino’s are always coming up trumps on that score. Now Chicken and Chorizo is nothing new but of course this is doubled pulled? the last time that the lads had experienced a double pulled anything was when years ago we had been in nightclub (might have been a disco but hey were getting on now a bit) and we met our wives who were friends, ever since then we vowed to steer clear of double pulled anything as that story doesn’t have a happy outcome. Anyway were losing the plot here so back to the pizza in question.
It turned up on time and looked pretty good with a nice browned crust and appetizing looking drizzle of sour cream and paprika sauce. The dough was good and as it was a classic crust so not too thick either. No faults there. Tomato sauce was reasonable and the tomatoes are evident in the taste. Standard mozza cheese was decent and was stringy and springy, just right.

Toppings were the Double pulled Catalan style chicken which seemed a fairly standard offering, perhaps a bit herbier and finer than usual , nothing to complain about here. Chorizo was chunky and always lifts chicken to new levels, it was pretty spicy. Onions and mixed peppers finished off the main toppings and added an intriguing contrast in taste and colour. And as we said earlier it was topped off with sour cream and paprika sauce and we felt this was the crowning glory and the paprika gave the whole offering a boost. So all in all we were happy with this new combo. It wont win any any awards but was a solid 7 out of ten from the lads.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza from Tesco

Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza from Tesco Review

Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza from tescoChicago Town’s Takeaway Stuffed Sticky Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza is made with our amazing dough that bakes fresh in your oven, and – wait for it – topped with a delicious sticky sweet cola BBQ sauce, red cheddar, ham, mushrooms, red onions and of course, mouth-watering mozzarella. Why mess around with trying to find the takeaway menu in the kitchen drawer? We’ve even stuffed the crust with our signature tomato sauce for a true flavour sensation.

Chicago Town Cola BBQ Pizza Review

The lads had had to devote some time to looking after the kiddies during the school holidays so the wives can earn the dough to keep us in pizza. After a couple of hours of them  screaming we decided to share the experience with the good folks at Tesco… So we all trooped down there and within a minute the tantrums had started and everybody was looking at us but we cared not as Bill had seen a Pizza in the freezer section which fired our imagination..The incredibly titled Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola Bbq Stuffed Pizza. Wow.

So after half an hour of letting the kids run riot and screaming and generally ruining everybody else’s shopping experience we headed for home with our pizza. Oven was on in no time and in it went. They say “Unique fresh, rising dough – Watch the dough rise before your eyes” on the blurb, so we stared through the oven door for 20 minutes and we hardly noticed anything. Anyway who cares, out it came and it looked good with a decent covering of toppings and browned crust but smelled very sweet. The dough was a bit stodgy but tasted OK for a frozen pizza, it had a tomato sauce stuffed crust which the lads were not keen on and it was no better than ketchup. The sauce on the pizza was strange and you would never know this was supposed to be cola, but the flavour of the BBQ was there and it tastes caramelised. It was sweet man.

The cheese was mozzarella and red cheddar which was fairly generous in amount and gooey. The toppings were ham, mushrooms, red onions which was fairly standard fare. nothing special but all OK. So all in all our impression was this didn’t work for us as the overall result is far too sweet. Sorry Chicago Town. Kids liked it though and after eating some of this they were bouncing off the walls just as the wives were due home from work.

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

American Sizzler Pizza from ASDA

American Sizzler Pizza from ASDA Review

Loaded with rich tomato sauce, a delightful duo of cheeses, spicy chilli beef, kickin’ chicken, pepperoni and fiery jalapenos (2 chilli rating)

American Sizzler Pizza Review

American Sizzler Pizza review, American Sizzler Pizza from ASDAThe lads had been sent shopping by the missuses and were determined to get a pizza for themselves, now the lads had had some disappointing experiences with pre packed pizzas so spotting the pizza counter at Asda supermarket we decided that was something we had to try. The front of the counter was packed with newly made pizzas or we could make our own creation, we decided on a pre done one and went for the American Sizzler Deep Pan 10″ which was a reasonable price and to be honest probably use the same pre packed toppings as the big chains. So upon arrival back home on went the oven.

When cooked the appearance was pleasing with a decent covering of toppings. The base was reasonably thick and was fairly light with just a slightly crusty outside. The tomato sauce was nice and tasty and spread evenly. Cheese was standard fare but not too generous, still it wasn’t a disappointment. Toppings were spicy chilli beef and that was tender and meaty with a fiery taste,  kickin’ chicken had a punch and was tender, pepperoni was a bit sparse (we have heard that the toppings are literally counted and we wouldn’t be surprised) but good and tender and it was rounded off with a handful of jalapenos and a sprinkling of cheese on top.

The overall offering was a good combination and we had to admit that we had not had many pizzas that were more fiery. The quality was on a pare with a chain one and in our opinion was far better than chilled pre packed ones. We were pleasantly surprised and will be reviewing more in the future.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Tuna & Sweetcorn Flat Bread Pizza from Pizza Hut

Tuna & Sweetcorn Flat Bread Pizza from Pizza Hut Review

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna, red onion, sweetcorn, a ranch and rocket on our light Flat bread base.

Tuna & Sweetcorn Flat Bread Pizza Review

Tuna & Sweetcorn Flat Bread Pizza Review from Pizza HutThe lads were strapped for cash as normal, but had managed to hide enough money away from the wives for a pizza treat. So sneaking off when they busy we legged it down to the nearest pizza hut. We scanned the menu and realised that we had never reviewed a flat bread style pizza, so we decided to remedy this situation. Now an authentic flat bread pizza should not really have sauce on in our opinion but this did so in our opinion it just a oval shaped pizza. In reality this base has a slightly crunchier bite we felt, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. So we ordered the tuna and sweetcorn one. The flat bread duly turned up and was reasonably hot, the appearance was a bit messy with rocket leafs and ranch sauce strewn across the top.

So onto the review, the base was fairly thin and as we said a bit crunchy but was at least a nice variation on the usual. The tomato sauce was strong and tasty. The mozzi cheese was a bit sparse but tasty enough, The toppings were a fairly standard combination of Tuna which was fresh from tin we thought but OK for all that and sweetcorn (dare we say it might have been tinned?). It was brought to life by the red onion a bit. As we said before rocket leafs and ranch sauce adorned the top which was at least a diversion from the norm.

So all in all a disappointing effort , something a student could knock up similar at home for a Thursday quick tea maybe.

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

Mad Dog Pizza from MOD Pizza

Mad Dog Pizza from MOD Pizza Review

For Meat Lovers, mozzarella, pepperoni, mild sausage, ground beef, red sauce

Mad Dog Pizza Review

Mad Dog Pizza Review, Mad Dog Pizza from MOD PizzaThe lads had taken a couple of weeks off to enjoy the Holiday season, however goodwill was in short supply in the Bill and Ted households and the wives were keen to turf us out from under their feet.

We had decided to go to London to catch a footie match and of course this would take us near a Mod pizza outlet. So we were on our way asap. We took in the pizza joint before going to the game and upon arrival scanned the menu. The one that jumped out to us was the Mad Dog, now exactly why its called that we have no idea, but they all have pretty strange names so who cares.

The pizza showed up in no time and it looked awesome with a rustic looking base, no machines were involved in this creation. The toppings seemed to be generously heaped on and the cheese had a lovely toasted look to it. So we dug in, the base was pretty thin and we would have preferred a slightly thicker one. However it tasted fresh and was not soggy. The red sauce was piquant and rich and was amongst the best tomato sauces we have had. The mozzarella was thick and as we said nice and toasty with a chewy stingy texture. The meat toppings are pepperoni which had a good bite and peppery taste, mild sausage was good and meaty and not too greasy. The ground beef was tender and of a high quality.

The overall result is a really indulgent pizza and one we would heartily recommend.

A massive thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

American Hot Pizza from Pizza Express

American Hot Pizza from Pizza Express Review

American Hot Pizza Review, American Hot Pizza from Pizza ExpressPepperoni, mozzarella and tomato, with your choice of hot green, Roquito or jalapeño peppers on a Classic base

American Hot Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads were cold, very cold and not just from the frosty stares the missuses were casting at us. They were in a foul mood as they said they were having to do everything to prepare for Christmas. Which we felt wasn’t fair as we had put up the Xmas trees and put the chocolates on (minus the half we had scoffed of course). No, we were just in the way and a Christmas miracle happened when they threw some money at us and told us to get out and have a pizza, now we are not so slow on the uptake sometimes and had departed the house even before the wives voice had finished echoing in the hallway.

Once clear of them having second thoughts we set sail for Pizza Express and it was poxy freezing out in the streets. We got to the restaurant in double quick time and scanning the menu the only option we considered was the American Hot. “That’ll warm us up” Ted said…

The pizza duly arrived and looked a treat. The base was the Classic and was fairly thick in our opinion and with a light fluffy texture, with a nicely browned raised edge crust. The passata sauce was as expected and had a deep rich flavour, topped with well toasted mozzarella cheese which was nicely heaped on. The pepperoni was quite generous, but had been a bit overcooked in our opinion and was tough going, taste wise it was reasonable. We had chosen the jalapeño peppers as our option and this was pretty potent but a bit thinly spread. So did we get hot under the collar with this offering? It was okay, nothing too special but what it did it did OK, apart from the pepperoni.

A middle of the road rating.. Now back to face the music at home, oh man, this will be a long holiday season.

a thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Pepperoni Delight Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Pepperoni Delight Stuffed Crust Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Hand stretched garlic and herb flavoured cheese stuffed crust and base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, two types of pepperoni and Cheddar cheese.

Pepperoni Delight Pizza Review

Pepperoni Delight Pizza Review, Pepperoni Delight Pizza from Sainsbury'sThe lads were totally out of money as usual, Christmas was nearly upon us and what little money we had left had to be devoted to present buying for the missuses. We had of course left everything till the last moment and hit eBay and Amazon to order a variety of unlikely gifts in the hope they actually turned up before Christmas. Bill had gone for a toilet seat with a picture of The Pizza Lads on the lid. A watch from china costing one pound with free postage, a toilet roll with jokes on and a frying pan! Ted had gone for a giant wine glass, a barometer, a heated hair brush, anti ageing cream and a frying pan! (and say romance is not dead…!)

So fearing that this would be our last Christmas being married, we put our feet up and concentrated on solving our pizza craving with no funds, a quick look in the fridge revealed a Sainsbury’s Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Delight Pizza. It looked good so here we go.

We cooked it according to the instructions of course. Looking at the finished result and it appeared cosmetically very acceptable. The base was ultra thin and hadn’t crisped very well so seemed a bit soggy. To be honest we wondered if we lifted it up whether the entire middle would detach from the crust. The dough crust was just too stodgy for us and had been filled with the rubberyist cheese known to man, and what made it worse was that it tasted of nothing (Ted reckoned it wasn’t cheese and garlic at all). We thought there wasn’t enough cheese topping initially but it had a bit of depth to it.

The tomato sauce was quite sweet and not to our taste. The Pepperoni consisted of two types, big and small, which was reasonable and not too greasy and the amount was fairly generous. It came with a Garlic dip which was small.

So we were not overly impressed and don’t recommend this pizza. We realised that we were going to be in trouble for finishing this off as it was for the kids tea. Oh well, they’ll be pleased with the frying pans no doubt. Lets hope they don’t use them to clonk us over the head?

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

La Reine Classic Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express

La Reine Classic Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express Review

Prosciutto cotto ham, mushrooms, olives, creamy mozzarella& our famous passata

La Reine Pizza Review

La Reine Pizza Review, Cook at Home Range from Pizza Express

The lads had noticed that Pizza express do a range of cook at home pizzas and we were keen to try one to see if we could recreate that restaurant experience in our humble little abode. We chose the La Reine Classic which is basically a ham and mushroom pizza which is never a bad thing. It cost about a fiver so obviously much cheaper than eating in house. When were moved the packaging it looked pretty good and the toppings were at least a fairly good covering. The cooking instructions say to Drizzle a little olive oil over your pizza to give it a crispier finish, and who are we to argue, so out came the extra extra virgin stuff that the missus had purchased and never used and splashed it over a bit.

 So after the cooking time had completed we settled down for our feast and to fair it looked a treat. The base was a bit too crispy on the bottom as is so often the case when cooking pizzas in home ovens even though we had followed the instructions to the letter. However it wasn’t rock hard so we could live with it. The dough was OK but didn’t taste as fresh as we would have liked and felt a bit slimy on the tongue. On to the toppings then… The passata was decent proportioned and had a deep rich taste. The cheese was indeed creamy and had toasted well. The mushrooms were of a decent quality and were juicy and tasty. The Prosciutto cotto ham was delicately flavored, dry cured and had all the flavour we expected. A few olives were scattered about to little effect as they lacked that pungent bite.

So what was our verdict? Well Ted said that it was little better than a standard supermarket own brand offering and Bill reckoned it was nowhere near restaurant quality.

A six out of ten from The Pizza Lads

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Pizza Express

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Review, Mushroom & Truffle Pizza ExpressSliced Portobello and closed cup mushrooms, mozzarella, ricotta, fresh rosemary and garlic oil on a béchamel base, drizzled with truffle oil ,a sprinkling of fresh parsley and shaved Gran Milano cheese on a Romana base

Mushroom & Truffle Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads were celebrating, we had won 25 pounds on a lottery scratch card and we were definitely not going to be telling the missuses about this windfall. We decided that we would blow our winnings on the most luxury sounding pizza we could at Pizza Express. Actually the cost didn’t reflect too badly, but was in the top range of the menu offering price wise.

The Pizza duly arrived and was reasonably hot and looked pleasant in a pale sort of way. The base was a Romana and looked crispy on the edges but was just a bit too soggy for our liking, but was a decent taste at least. The béchamel sauce was probably the reason for the slightly soggy base and was fairly bland. The Sliced Portobello and closed cup mushrooms were a good combination and were fresh with subtle earthiness.  The mozzarella cheese was a bit thinly spread and saved to an extent by the creaminess of the ricotta. The top was scattered with fragrant, dry, flaking Gran Milano cheese, which had a granular texture with an intensely sweet flavour. So far – so so. Can this pizza be saved by the oils?

The garlic oil was quite strong and The Pizza Lads didn’t see a single vampire on the way home! The truffle oil had an Intense garlic aroma and a powerful truffle flavour and was simply gorgeous and a complete revelation on a pizza. The trimmings were rosemary and parsley and added nice finish.

So all in all a different pizza, good and bad points yes, but a different experience. Ted wondered if the garlic oil would work on the missus as well as it seemed to on vampires?

A thumbs sideways from The Pizza Lads

Pepperoni Passion Pizza from Domino’s

Pepperoni Passion Pizza from Domino’s Review

Extra pepperoni and extra mozzarella cheese on a Domino’s tomato sauce base

PPepperoni Passion Pizza Review, Pepperoni Passion Pizza Domino'sepperoni Passion Pizza

The Pizza Lads started to feel the cold chill of winter setting in, gone were the long hot days of summer with light Pizzas. Now it’s all about heat and energy giving food. So in this spirit we thought that only lots of pepperoni will do to remove the chill. Heading off to Domino’s, we of course opted for the Pepperoni Passion.

We choose to stay with the classic crust and when we opened the box it looked mighty fine, the crust was a nice shade of brown and just crispy enough on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The top of the pizza could hardly be seen with the generous covering of Pepperoni, but what cheese peaked through was well toasted and tasted great. The tomato sauce was rich and tasty and the extra cheese piled on really gave satisfaction with it’s indulgence, it was chewy and stringy just as we like it. The Pepperoni itself was a deep porky/beefy variety, seasoned with a strong chilli powder, it was also not to greasy.

So we really got our fix and to be honest our mouths were burning up by the time we had finished. Lovely

A big thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Carne Calzone from Bella Italia

Carne Calzone from Bella Italia Review

Carne Calzone Review, Carne Calzone from Bella ItaliaFolded pizza with pomodoro sauce -Meatballs, beef ragu, pancetta, red onion and mozzarella

Carne Calzone Review

The lads were back at Bella Italia, the missuses had sent us out to buy some Christmas gifts for some relatives. Of course we had been given a list of exactly what to buy and from where. But the lads are nothing if not inventive and we decided to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into this task, but our real agenda was to Shop hard and see if we could save some money to enable a pizza purchase. After a couple of hours we were all shopped out, but our reward was that we had saved enough cash from our efforts for the Pizza treat.

So scanning through the menu at Bella’s we decided on one of three Calzone’s on offer, obviously the meaty one for us.

We didn’t have too long to wait for our Calzone to be served and it looked a treat with a lovely browned dough casing. It was good and hot as well. Digging in we appreciated the dough’s light texture and it tasted splendid. The Pomodoro sauce (tomato) had the taste of the sweetest tomatoes with a salty, garlic tinge. The fillings were Meatballs which were smallish and had a rich solid flavour and they combined well with the deep robust taste of the Beef Ragu. The Pancetta contrasted well and was lovely. It was enhanced with the addition of pretty strong red onion and packed with soft and creamy mozzarella.

So we were well pleased and it was a good offering and one we will would eat again. Getting home the missuses were suspicious that we had been indulging ourselves, but we had got what they wanted and with correct change, so a right result for the lads.

A massive thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Texas Meat Meltdown Pizza from Pizza Hut

Texas Meat Meltdown Pizza from Pizza Hut Review

Texas Meat Meltdown Pizza Review, Texas Meat Meltdown, Pizza HutSpicy pork, chicken breast, pepperoni, chorizo & BBQ sauce base.

Texas Meat Meltdown Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads had been reviewing some exotic pizzas of late and as always we started to crave a more run of mill Pizza, slow cooked this, italian that, infused with etc etc. No! we want a good old fashioned Meat + Cheese type thing. Pizza Hut was our destination and looking at the menu we decided upon the Texas Meat Meltdown, Meat = check, cheese = check. were good to go then.

The pizza duly arrived in our “pan” base choice (deep pan for those not familiar) and the pizza looked good in it’s brownish coloured hues. It was reasonably hot, though we thought it might have been sitting around a bit.

The base was just right and not to doughy and cooked to crispy finish on the bottom. BBQ sauce had a rich indulgent smoky taste and we were satisfied with that. Toppings were pretty much edge to edge. The cheese was a bit thinly spread but with a delicious stringy texture. The pepperoni was a good variety and not too fatty and had a decent kick which is always pleasing. The chicken was not as brown as we would have preferred, but at least the taste was acceptable. Spicy Pork was the saving grace of this pizza combo and it was generously spread and tender with again a built in kick. Chorizo was a bit tough but with a solid taste. The top was dizzled with more BBQ sauce. So not the best pizza we have had in our life but certainty far from the worst. So our back to basics quest was a slight failure..

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Frutti di Mare Pizza from Bella Italia

Frutti di Mare Pizza from Bella Italia Review

Frutti di Mare Pizza Review, Frutti di Mare Pizza from Bella ItaliaKing prawns, mussels, squid, queen scallops, mozzarella & chilli on a tomato base.

Frutti di Mare Pizza Review

Bill was ranting to Ted today about the lack of seafood topped pizzas we had reviewed, but Ted said that he didn’t like seafood very much. Bill put his foot down and said we are the pizza review lads, so all pizzas need to done and we may as well go the whole hog and do a full on seafood pizza review of the fishiest pizza we can find. Reluctantly Ted had to take one for the team so they did a quick search and decided on the Frutti di Mare from Bella Italia. So off we went to the local Bella Italia and it duly arrived at the table.

It looked good with subtle colours contrasting with deep red tomato sauce and browned base edge. The base itself was fresh and not overdone with edge to edge toppings, the dough had soaked up the tomato sauce flavour to a degree, which made it delicious. The mozzarella was was not too thick and we felt a bit more was in order but it was tasty. The chilli was fiery and really caught the back of the throat.

Onto the main show – The queen scallops were impressive in size and Bill commented they were not to chewy as they can sometimes be, but not very flavourful (Ted disagreed-he said they were awful – not being a seafood lover). The King prawns were tender and full of flavour and both were happy there. The Mussels were not as fresh as Bill liked and he thought they may have been frozen ones, but that’s only speculation (Ted didn’t like them). The squid was a little bit chewy with an unusual overly salty taste Bill remarked (Ted hated them – not being a seafood lover).

So really it’s a case of if you like Seafood a lot or not, Bill gave the pizza a six out of ten, sadly Ted only one. Ted was not converted, so only Bill’s opinion counts in this review, a disappointing overall offering in his opinion. Bill also added that the ingredients to this pizza needed to stay with the pasta and not put onto a pizza base.

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

Garlic Sizzler Pizza from Pizza GoGo

Garlic Sizzler Pizza from Pizza GoGo Review

Tomato sauce, Chicken, Bacon, Pepperoni, Green and Red Peppers, drizzled with Garlic Sauce

Garlic Sizzler Pizza Review

Garlic Sizzler Pizza Review, Garlic Sizzler Pizza from Pizza GoGo ReviewThe lads were being forced to go to some wedding reception by the wives, Bills missus was good friends with the bride. We had a peak at the what food was on offer and it was just going to be things on sticks, sausages, pickled onions and cheese and pineapple! Oh man this was a low budget affair. The lads had devised a plan to get a decent pizza eat on the way, so had told the wives to go on ahead as we had to get some petrol (gas for our USA devotees) for the car.

So after 10 outfit changes and reassuring the wives that they looked perfect and no big bums were to be seen (it had to be done) they eventually departed. The lads threw on the all purpose suits which cover weddings, funerals, interviews, court appearances etc.

We headed to Pizza GoGo as it was not too far from the venue. We scanned the menu and still feeling that we could do without this party we thought we would punish all in breath range of us, so the Garlic Sizzler it was. The pizza duly appeared and we tucked in…

Appearance wise it looked liked what we thought, the base was a bit overcooked at the edge and the crust was a bit hard work to chew through, the dough taste was reasonable and seemed fresh. The cheese had toasted well on top and was nice and stringy. The tomato sauce was a bit bland and thankfully there wasn’t much of it. Onto the main toppings, the chicken seemed a bit processed but had toasted to decent brown on top and was acceptable. The bacon again seemed like reformed processed meat and was a bit ham like but OK. Pepperoni was in contrast a good variety, spicy and not too greasy. The Green and Red Peppers added some nice colour but didn’t really lift the pizza taste wise and the Garlic Sauce drizzle was obviously not fresh garlic, however it did taste reasonable, but the actual breath test will be later when we meet the wives. So we were not overly impressed with this offering and have had much better. Unfortunately Bill’s nerve cracked on the way to the wedding reception and he was eating extra strong mints like they were going out of fashion, but Ted stayed the course and his wife was very displeased with the pungent aroma, but after a few more drinks this was completely forgotten.

A average thumbs side ways from The Pizza Lads

Diavola Forte Pizza from Bella Italia

Diavola Forte Pizza from Bella Italia Review

Diavola Forte Pizza Review, Diavola Forte Pizza from Bella Italia ReviewSpicy ’nduja sausage, salami, chicken, red onion, roasted peppers and green chilli on a fiery tomato sauce with mozzarella and cooling mascarpone cheese.

Diavola Forte Pizza Review

The lads were fed up with home cooking pizzas for our recent reviews and we wanted to be waited on. We discovered that Bella Italia has an outlet near to us and without further ado we were off. Upon arrival we scanned the menu and were drawn to the Diavola Forte pizza, now our regular viewers know that we always want to try new things and if the pizza has a title with words we have never heard of, then that’s for us!

Apparently the literal translation of Diavola is deviled or salsa according the the interplonk.

The word Forte could mean tangy or feisty, so none the wiser really but good old N’duja sausage sounds just the ticket.

So after a short delay the Pizza was duly served up and it was good and hot and we had to admit it looked excellent with a nice variety of colours. So nice presentation. The base had a lovely brownish edge and was not too thin but very tasty. The Tomato sauce was a deep red shade and had an indulgent texture, but a fiery taste that really got us reaching for the water. The mixture of Mozzarella and Mascarpone is always an inspired combo and the Mascarpone had a creamy subtle palette. The spicy ’nduja sausage and salami really hit the spot and was full of flavour and not greasy at all, unlike some salamis. The Chicken was tender though a bit thin on the ground and the roasted peppers gave a rustic edge. The red onion and green Chillis finished off the proceedings and the Chillis had some kick in them. All complemented with some fresh rocket sprinkled on top.

We were very impressed with the overall quality and our mouths were pleasantly on fire by the last slice. Highly recommended and we thought we had better not tell the wives about this gem of a restaurant, our secret for now!

A big thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Slow Cooked Lamb Pizza from Ask Italian

Slow Cooked Lamb Pizza from Ask Italian Review

Slow Cooked Lamb Pizza Review, Slow Cooked Lamb Pizza Ask ItalianTender lamb shoulder, fontal cheese, roasted peppers, spinach, balsamic red onions onions and pine nuts.

Slow Cooked Lamb Pizza Review

The lads had seen a Italian Restaurant chain on their travels and after having noticed they do a good range of pizza’s we decided it was our duty to review one for our hungry viewers. We slipped out under cover of darkness while the missuses were messaging each other on Facebook and made our way.
The menu has really exotic sounding pizza’s, so we were spoilt for choice, but we decided upon something we had definitely not tried before. The Slow Cooked Lamb. Now the lads thought Lamb might be a big ask as it is notorious for being a bit tough and greasy, greasy we can live with, but tough, not!
The pizza arrived and it looked pretty awesome with the peppers adding a good colour contrast. It was nice and hot as well. The base was Stone baked and crispy and was up in the top ten bases we had eaten we felt. It was topped with a rich tomato sauce with a herby taste. It had Fontal cheese on it, which we had never heard of, so a quick google told us that is an “Italian cow’s milk cheese. Although made throughout the year, the best cheese is obtained during the summer when the cows are moved to an altitude of 550 to 700 meters (1,800 to 2,300 feet) and fed only with rich grass to give it a distinctive aroma.” Oh err, we hoped that our cows had been at the right altitude, the cheese had a mild, somewhat nutty flavor which was very nice. On to the Lamb which looked like it had been shredded and was a little chewy, but not too greasy and the taste was somewhat strange on a pizza but we could get used to it. The bit part ingredients were roasted peppers, spinach, balsamic red onions and pine nuts. All of which complimented the lamb and the pine nuts really lifted the whole combo.
So a good pizza, but perhaps we wouldn’t have the lamb again at this chain.
A fine thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Feta Cheese & Caramelised Onion Pizza from Waitrose

Feta Cheese & Caramelised Onion Pizza from Waitrose Review

Feta Cheese & Caramelised Onion Pizza Review, Pizza Waitrose ReviewA Stonebaked, hand stretched thin and crispy Pizza base, topped with Garlic butter, Tomato sauce, caramelised Balsamic Onions, Mozzarella, feta and Mascarpone cheeses and sprinkled with Rosemary.

Feta Cheese & Caramelised Onion Pizza Review

The lads were moving upmarket in shopping habits, no more home bargains and netto for us, no! Waitrose supermarket is now our preferred choice. We remortgaged the the house and sold the car and headed off to get a luxury Pizza (only joking they are not too badly priced really). Our gaze took in the offerings on the shelf and we felt like something different, so we opted for the Feta & Caramelised Onion Pizza. Now we have never had Feta on a Pizza to our knowledge so were keen to experience it.

It was said Bill, “an unusual-looking pizza in a way very dark and un-colourful” We also thought ideal for the forthcoming Halloween Party…

The base when cooked was crispy and thin and we both enjoyed it. The Tomato sauce was not in evidence too much and the garlic butter seemed to come through more. The Feta and Mozzarella Mascarpone mix was a good combination of sharp and creamy Cheeses, though we expected more of the Feta cheese it was delicate soft flavour tangy and salty. The caramelised Balsamic Onions were sweet and piquant. The herb taste was very much in evidence and not unpleasant. Taken as a combo, it was really different and very tasty even though it’s a non meat Pizza. The Pizza Lads were well impressed and would definitely go for this one again.

A none meaty thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Smoked Ham, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from ASDA

Extra Special Hand Stretched Smoked Ham, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from ASDA Review

Smoked Ham, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza Review from ASDAStretched by hand in a time honoured fashion to create a crisp, bubbly crust Introducing our Extra Special Smoked Ham, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza, inspired by the finest pizzerias of Naples to create a truly indulgent experience. Our experts gently hand-stretch the dough, resulting in a thin and sumptuously soft base that, once cooked in our stone bake oven, creates a beautiful, bubbly crust. And to bring out the remarkable flavour of our dough, we hand top the base with only the best ingredients, giving you a slice of pure indulgence. Our Extra Special Smoked Ham, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza. Stretched by hand. Topped with care. Enjoyed by you.

Smoked Ham, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads were out shopping for the weekly groceries (not by choice!) and we had been told by the wives we were allowed to have one chilled Pizza to cook at home. So we decided upon Asda. We scoped out the variety on offer and our eyes fell upon the Extra Special Hand Stretched Smoked Ham, Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza, Now with a title like that it must be good and through the viewing window in the box, it did look pretty nice. So in the trolley it went and when we were home the oven was straight on.

Out the packet the appearance was pleasing as the Ham looked really fresh and Mushrooms smelled delicious and when cooked according the instructions the Mascarpone would have melted all it over.

So on to the taste test… The crust was nice and light, thin/bubbly and the stone-baked dough was very good and tasted really fresh. The Smoked Ham had cooked well and was really tender and tasty. The Mascarpone was creamy and light and had toasted nicely on top. The mushrooms were quite Garlicky but very moreish. Sauce was fairly standard but not unpleasant and we detected an underlying hint of Black Pepper and Lemon Juice.

Very good all round and meets pizza chain standards. We might even volunteer next time to go shopping.

A big Asda thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Tops Club Pizza from Tops Pizza

Tops Club Pizza from Tops Pizza Review

Tops Club Pizza Review, Tops Club Pizza from Tops PizzaSpecial tomato sauce, Chicken, Bacon, red Onions, Fresh tomato, 3 blends of Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Cheddar cheese & drizzle of creamy ranch sauce

Tops Club Pizza Review

The Lads found themselves in London again, We had told the wives we were attending a Career Path Development Conference. Yeah right… lol, but somehow it seemed to work as the missuses like the idea we are trying to work on themselves and become better persons (or perhaps they are just glad that we are elsewhere?).

So we had found a lovely Tops Pizza outlet before and were keen on a return visit. Scanning through the menu we decided on the Tops Club which we guess is the speciality of the house, we threw caution to the wind and had the Hot Dog stuffed crust on the Supersize base.

Wow the pizza looked awesome when it arrived with a beautiful criss cross effect on the top with ranch sauce. The base was excellent with a pleasantly browned crust and was what we call the Goldilocks scenario (not too thin or too thick, not too crispy or too doughy) The hot dog crust seemed like it was made of quality meat which was a relief. The special Tomato sauce was all good with a rich indulgent taste. The Mozzarella, Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese is a favourite of ours and we think law should be passed making Monterey Jack compulsory on all pizzas. Chicken & Bacon is a marriage made in heaven (unlike our living nightmares) and the Chicken was tender though the chunks were a bit on the small side. Large slices of fresh Tomato covered top and we are always pleased when they are not too sharp tasting. The red Onion was decent and as we say the drizzle of creamy Ranch sauce brought out the flavour of the Chicken. A great Pizza and it was the Tops!

Travelling back we made up some nonsense about the conference as a cover story but strangely we were never asked about it.

A massive thumbs up from The Pizza Lads