Premium Hawaiian from Papa John’s Review

Premium Hawaiian Pizza Papa John'sSlow cooked, melt in the mouth, pulled ham hock and juicy chunks of fresh pineapple on a bed of melting mozzarella, makes this pizza the ultimate expression of Papa John’s passion for quality.

The Premium Hawaiian Pizza Review

Summer is here the time is right for stuffing our faces with lush pizza, we were full of the joys of the season so in that mood we thought we need a summer pizza. Well Hawaiian sounds like it comes for from hot exotic places.

We went for a large stuffed crust, the base was ace, as we always rate the papas. The cheese was passable and the toppings were simple but “Premiumised” and the pineapple being fresh had a bit of bite, so forget the tasteless supermarket frozen specials from your younger days. The ham hock follows the latest trend for all ham to be the hock variety and it was tasty and tender

A summer treat – a thumbs up from The Pizza Lads