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Prezzo Pizza Prices UK, Prezzo Pizza Prices UK

The Pizza Lads are fans of the Prezzo restaurant chain. They offer great food and Pizza’s for all the family and a great pl;ace to go for that special occasion like birthdays etc. With over 280 restaurants in the UK, you are never far away from a Prezzo.

Highly recommended by us…

Below is the latest Prezzo Pizza menu UK price guide.

Prezzo Pizza Prices UK

Prices Prestigio

Pizza Classic

Double pepperoni with roquito chillies and mozzarella.
Classic versuvio pizza served on a plate
£11.35 £12.95
Tre gusti Our Review >
Pepperoni, seasoned chicken and pancetta.
Classic tre gusti Pizza served on a plate
£11.85 £13.85
Fiorentina V
Spinach, olives, mozzarella and an egg.
£9.95 £11.75
Margherita V
omato, mozzarella and fresh basil. (VG*)
Classic Margarita pizza served on a plate
£8.50 £10.20
Prosciutto, pineapple and mushrooms.
£11.25 £12.95
Goat’s Cheese & red pepper V
With sun-blushed tomatoes, olives and red pepper tapenade
£10.80 £12.50
Extra toppings
Chicken, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, Pancetta, Fresh mozzarella
All Other Toppings
Mushrooms, Basil pesto, Olives, Pineapple

Light Pizza

Chicken Primavera
With tender stem broccoli, peppers, tomato and mozzarella.
Goat’s Cheese & Aubergine V
With sun-blushed tomatos, chilli and vegetables


Spicy Carne Calzone
Chicken, meatballs and mushrooms with a beef ragu and red wine sauce
Tre Carni
Pepperoni, chicken, pancetta and peppers
Tre Gusti Pizza from Prezzo

Tre Gusti Pizza from Prezzo

Tre Gusti Pizza from Prezzo Review Pepperoni, seasoned Chicken, Pancetta, Rosemary, Mozzarella and Tomato. The Tre Gusti Pizza Review The Lads were now facing the end of summer and coming to terms with the Autumn chill, the holidays were a distant memory and with only...

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Prezzo Pizza Prices UK, Prezzo Pizza Prices UK Pizza Prices

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