The history of Pizzas, Pizza History, Pizza is a favourite food for people of all ages. If you too, enjoy slices of cheesy goodness, you might be interested in this famous dish’s interesting history.


Pizza chains are famous all over the world, but before these brands came into existence, pizza’s popularity had a slow start.  The dish was brought from Europe to other parts of the globe by Italian settlers who migrated and took their countries dishes with them.  Pizza calls Naples, a Mediterranean coastal city, its home.

Modern Pizza called Italy home back in the 1800’s. If we go back even further in time, we’ll discover that the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Persians enjoyed the dish as well!  Historical records show that these civilizations had different kinds of bread shaped in round and flat forms and served with toppings that were enjoyed by their citizens.

While plenty of European nations created meals that look like pizza, it was the Italians who became the most fascinated with the dish, allowing it to evolve over centuries.  Italian chefs created different types of pizza products.

In Pompeii, for example, archaeologists discovered unmistakable proof that the ancient people of Pompeii had a network designed to produce pizza – including street shops and kitchens where they were cooked and served.

Power of the Tomato

The introduction of the humble tomato from the New World in the 1700’s had a massive impact on the evolution of pizza. The tomato is considered to be the vital ingredient that made pizza famous all over the world.  Despite members of Italian royalty thinking that tomatoes were food for poor people, it was generally accepted since it allowed pizza dishes to become more interesting and delicious.  The new recipes created by chefs from Naples changed their minds.

Pizza’s Royal History

The first restaurant to produce only pizza was born in Naples in 1830.  Quickly, more pizza restaurants began to open all over Italy.  The pizza design that was copied the most was created by a well-known chef of the day called Raffaele Esposito. In 1889 he designed 3 recipes specifically for the King & Queen of the country; one of these designs, the Margherita, is considered to be the most famous pizza recipes even now!

Pizza Today

People now purchase about 5 billion pizzas globally each year.  Their proliferation increased dramatically when pizza began being offered with home delivery, and the dish continues to delight hungry patrons every day. There are original variations that come out all the time, such as new recipes for the dough or interesting toppings.

So the next time you’re having a slice from Pizza Pizza or any other chain, think of this dish’s history and enjoy each bite!