Tops Pizza Menu Prices

Tops Pizza Menu Prices

Tops Pizza now has 41 stores in the south of the UK, including many parts of London and also Reading, Luton, St Albams and Bristol. Tops Pizza is becoming one of the fastest growing pizza chain stores in the UK. The first shop to open was in Fulham, London and was opened in 1989.

They quote We’ve expanded quickly by offering great service and most importantly, delivering delicious pizza!

Below is the latest Tops Pizza menu price guide

Last updated on the 2nd October 2018

Tops Pizza Menu

Original Margherita£12.99£15.99£17.99
American Hot£12.99£15.99£17.99
BBQ Chicken Classic£12.99£15.99£17.99
Chicken Tikka£12.99£15.99£17.99
Chicken Tops Our Review >£12.99£15.99£17.99
Chilli Beef Lover£12.99£15.99£17.99
Hawaiian £12.99£15.99£17.99
Meat Lovers £12.99£15.99£17.99
Meaty BBQ £12.99£15.99£17.99
Peri Peri Lover Our Review >£12.99£15.99£17.99
Special £12.99£15.99£17.99
Spicy Tops £12.99£15.99£17.99
Pepperoni Lover £12.99£15.99£17.99
Tandoori Lover £13.99£15.99£17.99
The Mediterranean £12.99£15.99£17.99
Tops Club Our Review >£12.99£15.99£17.99
Rocket Cheese Lover
Vegi Hot £12.99£15.99£17.99
Seafood £12.99£15.99£17.99

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